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Who’s Da Brains Behind This Outfit?


When it was discovered that the building blocks of life are “coded” and designed and programmed with “information”, and that this life-enabling information needed to be de-coded, “translated”, transcribed, transmitted, and choreographed by microscopic, teeny-tiny, dumb, inanimate “stuff” (amino acids, proteins, etc.), the foundations of Fundamentalist Materialism began to quake a bit.

Information? Programs? Codes? Translations? Transcriptions? Transmissions? Intelligence? Design?

Heaven help us!......God forbid!

Of course, the High Priests of Scientism insist-- come hell or high water-- that Nature created itself for no real purpose at all. Metaphysical Naturalism ( aka “Nobody is-at-Home-ism”) has become the official religion of the state. It is Big Brother sanctioned, approved and sponsored. The sacred Scientism-ists of Naturalism cling to their alchemical notions of First Things with every ounce of strength they can muster, even when doing so makes them look rather silly and desperate..

When challenged, they react with fundamental tenacity and strong-armed zeal. No debate allowed. Or else. (The Family’s got “ways”….)


* * *





Who’s Da Brains Behind This Outfit?


OK, 'fess up, Mr. Protein!

Look, it's time you just came clean...

Where'd you get that information!?

Come on! Tell us!.... Spill the beans!


Who's da brains behind this outfit?

Where'd you get this “code”, my friend?

Who's the master Mind you work for?

Come on!...Help us comprehend.


Don’t get smart with us, young fella!

Your translations have to stop!

We now have High Priestly Status

We’re The Naturalism Cops!


We can make your life unpleasant...

Tell us what we need to know!

Listen, kid, things could get ugly,

Talk, or we may come to blows...


Where'd you get that program, buster?

From some low-life down the road?

And if so, then where'd he get it?

Where'd he get that secret code?


Don't play games with us here, buddy!

We're the smart ones 'round here, chum!

Who's the genius that you work for?

'Fess up!...No more acting dumb!


We know you know what you're doing...

We're not stupid, Protein-Dude!

Tell us where you got your info..

(Can that cocky attitude!)


Who conceived that stuff you're doing?

Tell us what you have to say.

Who designed your Plan of Action?

How'd you make life, anyway?


Don't pretend you don't know nuthin'!

Look, we know you made that fold!

Who fine-tuned all your instructions?

What’s the Word that you’ve been told?


* * *


"When Watson and Crick discovered the structure and information bearing properties of DNA, they did indeed solve one mystery, namely, the secret of how the cell stores and transmits hereditary information. But they uncovered another mystery that remains with us to this day. This is the DNA enigma – the mystery of the origin of the information needed to build the first living organism."

—Stephen Meyer (Meyer 2009, 24)


* * *


“In the beginning, God…..” – Genesis 1:1

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