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Chemo-Scum in Outer Space!

In 2017, Stephen Hawking stated boldly and confidently that if the human race is to survive our own earthly self-destruction, we must immediately begin making plans to send human colonizers into outer space.

He is also on record having said:

The human race is just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet, orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies. We are so insignificant that I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit. That would be like saying that you would disappear if I closed my eyes.”

So, my question is this: Why on earth would such a highly esteemed and brilliant scientist like Stephen Hawking promote a plan to pollute the pristine cosmos with destructive “chemical scum” like us?


* * *



Chemo-Scum in Outer Space!


On this pointless speck of matter,

“Chemo-scum”…It’s time!....UNITE!

Build The Ark, and let’s get going!

Let’s preserve this Cosmic Blight!


Let’s invade those far-out places….

Colonize the vast beyond!

Let the Cosmos bow before us…

We, The Upper Echelon!


Grab your Idol…(Scientism),

Let’s make “progress” once for all!

Let’s pretend we really matter…

(Let’s pretend there was no Fall.)


God knows, nothing really matters,

But we’re running out of time!

Let’s blast off…(And make it snappy…!)

Let’s pretend our reason rhymes.


Let’s go some place where we matter…

Let’s go where we matter most!

That’s our only Hope at this point…

Let’s go where we won’t be toast!




* * *

It’s the Wise Guys’1 Call to Action…

Blind guides’ best Redemption Plan!

It’s the latest Truth suppression2

Meanwhile, flames of hell are fanned.


Lift off!... (into outer darkness)…

Uh-oh!...Mankind fooled again!

Let’s remove God from the picture.

Let’s pretend we never sinned.


Witness mankind’s futile thinking3

Horses hitched behind the cart.

Nihilism’s best and brightest.

Mankind’s darkened, hardened heart4.


Fallen mankind ‘given over’5

Witness nonsense on the loose.

Witness foolishness on steroids.

Witness man without excuse6.


* * *




* * *


1 Romans 1:22

2 Romans 1: 18

3 Romans 1: 21a

4 Romans 1: 21b

5 Romans 1: 26, Romans 1: 28

6 “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”- Romans 1: 20


* * *

1 2 3 4