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Hint of 'ancients' common thread in exhibit

"Works by Tom Graffagnino, of Hamilton, Georgia will be on display at the the Museum of Arts and Sciences beginning Sunday, June 1.

Graffagnino creates small paintings, ranging in size from 6 X 8 inches to a little more than twice that size. One of his series, titled "Sanctuary" is created with built up and almost iridescent colors. Each contains a representation of what looks like an ancient temple carved from living rock.

"Museum fine arts director Linda Bitley says the paintings have a "jewel-like quality" and are like prints in that the viewer has to look closely to really appreciate the work.

"Graffagnino received a master of fine art degree from the University of Massachusetts. He has taught painting and drawing at Auburn University, The Hotchkiss School and Mercersburg Academy. His work has been included in about 40 shows throughout the country including a Parsons School of Art and Design exhibit, the Atlanta Biennale, the Massachusetts Open and the Portland School of Art."

Macon Telegraph and News
May 30, 1986