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It’s Reality Revised

“The truth is, Jung has brought back one member of the old duality, unreason, with a new name; it is no synthesis at all, but only the latest maneuver in the war against rationality that has been conducted with rising hysteria by literary intellectuals and humanists against the laws of a culture they have reason to distrust and disobey. The Jungian theory proposes to every disaffected humanist his "personal myth," as a sanctuary against the modern world. Against the vulgar democracy of intelligence, Jungian theory proposes an aristocracy of feeling. From this proposal derives Jung's persistent influence on modern critical and aesthetic style.”

― Philip Rieff, The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after Freud (1966)



Gustav Carl Jung


* * *


It’s Reality Revised


The Aristocrats of Feeling

Are atop the latest heap.

It’s a Jung-thing, and it’s catching

Helped along by Grace that’s cheap.


Don’t let “morals”, boy, confuse you…

They’re so…you know…”yesterday”!

We’ve got PhD’s to prove it

(Son, there is no “hell” to pay.)


Yes, it’s Humanism’s “Safe Place”,

It’s The Myth today adored.

It’s The Idol Sanctuary

And it’s now our Common Core.


It’s subjective, it’s “progressive”,

It’s the way we all get Woke.

New Age Freudian endeavors…

(Paganism goes for broke!)


It’s an Oprah-fied convention…

And it just can’t be denied.

It’s The Way of true redemption.

Now we’re ALL Self-Justified!


* * *


If there’s one thing that we know now,

“Sin”’s no longer something real.

Yes, we’re very proud to tell you…

Truth today is what you feel.


It’s our latest plan of action,

It’s Reality Revised!

We’re not “guilty” any longer.

Now we’re “Self-Psychologized”!


* * *


“Religious man was born to be saved, psychological man is born to be pleased.”

― Philip Rieff, The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after Freud