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Never Mind the Rust Advancing

"Paganism is growing up in our churches, speculative gnosticism is resurgent in our circles. A horror of great darkness is welling up in our own house." -Os Guinness

*   *   *

"When religious groups compromise their foundational beliefs in order to co-exist with the late sensate culture rather than challenging it or standing against, they, in effect consent to their own liquidation....When the culture ridicules traditional religions and drives them to the fringes, millions of people, feeling a void in their lives, will resurrect ancient or exotic religions or fashion new ones to their own liking." - Harold OJ Brown (“The Sensate Culture”, 1996)

*   *   *

Never Mind the Rust Advancing

Now we’re driven by emotion,
What we feel, (we feel), is true!
Compromise is now our Plumb Line…
'Because, friend, we feel for you!

Some might call it “welling darkness”,
We, though, call it “light enough”.
Gnostic Notions, good intentions,
Happy thoughts, ….(and other stuff).

Never mind the rust advancing,
Never mind the cancer spread.
Never mind the liquidation,
Or the harlot in your bed.

Welcome to Sensation Nation.
Deconstruct!...To each his own!
Fashion your own spirit journey…
There's not much we won't condone.

Never mind that House of Mirrors,
And those constant shifting sands…
You can trust our “new” religion.
(Never mind those flames we fan.)

“Truth”?.....We do it by ”by consensus”…
(It’s our Pilate Program, sir.)
Couple that with speculation,
And soon NEW true truth occurs!

This today is known as “progress”…
And we feel it serves us well.
And, of course, we hope you’ll join us
In this pagan magic spell.

*   *   *

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6