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Wilderness to Water. Reflections regarding God's faithfulness, character, love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. An examination of God's grace and power through meditative prose, poetry, original drawings and full-color photographs.

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In This Region of Gadara


Scripture teaches that we, as fallen Sons of Adam, are born cursed….that in Adam we are  justly condemned, having forfeited access to the Tree of Life. 
Like it or not, we are essentially dead men walking, separated from the Source of true Light and Eternal Life. …, ie., from God the Father. 
We are banished here, “east of Eden1”. We are fallen captives in Satan’s deadly snare.  Spiritual stillborns. Helpless and hopeless.  Gadarenes among the tombs2…”condemned already”3.

*   *   *


Gadarene Demoniacs


In This Region of Gadara

In this region of Gadara,
Dead men…walking through the tombs…
Sons of Adam roam the ruins
Where oppressive darkness looms.

In this region of Gadara,
Where the demons have their way,
Precious Idols mesmerize us…
Golden Calves on proud display.

In this region of Gadara,
Held here captive by The Curse…
Locked away, sir, East of Eden
Where the Truth lies unrehearsed.

*   *   *

In this region of Gadara,
Did Messiah come ashore?
Did He vow to come again4, sir,
To bring Peace forevermore?

In this region of Gadara,
Is there Hope yet to be found?
Will our Kinsman and Redeemer
Wed his Bride on Holy Ground?

In this region of Gadara,
Did the Shepherd use the rod?
Was the captive given comfort
By the Lamb and Son of God?

*   *   *

In this region of Gadara,
There are legions of the lost.
Some will hear the Shepherd calling…
Some will follow to the Cross.

There the Curse may well be lifted.
There He’ll raise the walking dead.
Yes, the New Creation’s coming…
Soon He’ll crush the serpent’s head.

*   *   *