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Close Your Eyes and Make It Happen


Chief Justice Kennedy


“At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” 

In 1992, when Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy penned these fateful words (above) in a Supreme Court decision that confirmed and expanded abortion “rights”, the dictatorship of relativism1the “sacred” reign of Secular Humanism, and the Cult of the Autonomous Self were established.

And, today, the beat goes on…..

*   *   *

Close Your Eyes and Make It Happen

“Suit Your Self” as liberation!
It’s the Devil’s Paradigm…
You’re in charge of Truth and Meaning,
Law and Justice…even Crime.

You decide what’s true for you now.
You dream up what’s really Real!
Close your eyes and make it happen.
Keep the Faith in what you feel!

*   *   * 
Welcome to the Roe we’ve planted,
And the tarpit where we Wade.
Welcome to this Present Darkness
And the True Light we evade.

Welcome to the roiling cauldron,
Yes, indeed, to Satan’s game2.
Welcome to the mess we stepped in
When we sidestepped guilt and shame. 

Welcome to the The Void we fell for…
Welcome to the Gauntlet’s Throne.
Now “morality’s” subjective,
There’s not much we won’t condone.

Welcome to the “Well…Whatever!”

Tissue Mass graves that we dug.
Welcome to the strong delusion
Where the Truth’s swept under rugs.

*   *   *


John 14:6


1    A phrase used by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2005
Genesis 3:1