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The Absurd Is Our New Normal



It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether the news that we are hearing in the so-called “culture wars” is fake, real, satire or serious. Deconstructed postmodern confusion-ism, unhinged relativism, distortion and speculative subjectivism reign supreme in today’s foundationless cultural quagmire.
House of Mirrors?  
House of Horrors? 
Three-ring circus? 
Looney bin?
Who really can tell anymore? 

“This is a joke, right?” and “Are you kidding me!?” have become our predictable responses to current events making the news today.
Truth has become a rare commodity. In fact, Truth’s very existence has been called into question by the gatekeepers of proud, progressive, Secularism. The very mention of a certain true Truth has become an offense…often a punishable offense…to Secularism’s religious faithful. (And I’m not kidding.)


*   *   *

The Absurd Is Our New Normal


What is real and what is satire
Blends so seamlessly today!
The absurd is our New Normal.
Meanwhile, Truth’s becoming prey.

Could it be that satire’s dying?
Have we read its epitaph?
Will the Thought Police come knocking?
Is it lawful still to laugh?

What was once, sir, simply nonsense
Has become The Law, I fear… 
One more telltale indication
That the end just might be near.

Seems to me I read that somewhere
Dark would one day be called “light”…
That there’d be no “wrong” to speak of,
And then wrong would be called “right”!

I read sins would be “paraded”1
And that scoffers would arise2.
No more wisdom of tradition…
Truth dismissed as foolish lies.

I read Pride would make a comeback
And that children then would rule,
That the base would be exalted…
And foundations ridiculed.

*   *   *

Still, we look around bewildered
As if we had not been warned,
Seeking guidance from our idols…
And our meaning from our porn.

Narcissism’s elevated,
Strong delusion reigns supreme3….
Living for Self-satisfaction
In the Hook-Up Culture’s dream.

*   *   *


Lord, have mercy! …How we’ve fallen!
Son of David!.... We are lost!
Give us grace to see our blindness,
Lord, reveal that Holy Cross.  


1 Isaiah 3:9

2 2Peter 3:3 

3 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12