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Lettuce Pray For Social Justice

Recently, at the annual “Whiteness Forum” at a California university, “Veggie Tales”, a children’s cartoon, was judged to be unacceptably racist…




* * *


Lettuce Pray For Social Justice


Brussels Sprouts have been offended,

Artichokes are hopping mad…

Mashed Potatoes are protesting

Radishes are simply sad.


All the Carrots are downtrodden.

Pinto Beans have all been dissed.

Yellow Squashes have pressed charges

And the Butternuts dismissed.


Beets ‘n’ Leeks feel violated,


Kale is simply flabbergasted

And will NOT be mollified.


Mustard Greens are just disgusted!

And the Black-eyed Peas are peeved.

Collard Greens are called to action!

The Garbanzo’s justly grieved.


Friend, the Cabbages are angry…

They’re a sour crowd indeed!

All the Spinach is on strike now….

Some have even gone to seed!


The Arugula is bitter,

And the Broccoli is steamed.

It’s a nightmare for the Parsnips…

All they want to do is scream!


Ev’ry String Bean’s tied in knots, sir.

And the Yams?...(Don’t even ask!)

Lima’s sunk in deep depression…

(It’s a Suff’ring Succotash!)


* * *


Cukes, of course, have special privilege,

And they ought to be ashamed.

Lettuce pray for social justice.

English Peas must take the blame!


* * *


"All vegetables are part of one race, even though they are of many colors. They are all descended from the same parents — the Adam and Eve of vegetables, who foolishly ate a forbidden fruit (irony?) and screwed everything up for all vegetables descended from them,…At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the story."- Eric Metaxas (former “Veggie Tales” writer)