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Peer Into This Well, Whatever

When he whispered the now infamous words to Eve: “Did God really say….?” (Genesis 3:1), Satan became the first philosopher of deconstructionist logic, a system of thought that is enjoying a mass revival among the cultured intellectuals and ivory-towered philosophes of today. Of course, the spiritual juggernaut of postmodern deconstructionism has been rolling through the ages here East of Eden for quite some time, but today’s version is proving to be particularly virulent and potent.

The “philosophies of man” just keep on coming. Throughout recorded history, the variations on Satan’s theme have been legion, but at its Common Core, the scheme has been consistently the same: appeal to pride and human autonomy via subtle deception.


* * *


"The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." – spoken by Satan, (“Paradise Lost”, John Milton, 1667)

When John Milton penned the line (above) in the seventeenth century, he penetrated to the heart of the matter. Long before the contemporary, postmodern/deconstructionist brand of The Humanist Project was spawned in the wake of the Age of Aquarius, Milton knew the score.


* * *



“Peer Into This Well, Whatever”


Come inside, friend, for a visit,

Please enjoy my point of view.

Look around, this is my heaven.

Though it may be hell to you.


That’s OK…. It’s all subjective.

It’s been proven…Rest assured!

We’ve progressed past “categories”.

It’s the new Postmodern Cure.


Humanism, after all, sir,

Tells us now what’s REALLY real.

Now we simply re-imagine

The Reality we feel.


Here’s the doorway to The Kingdom.

Feel the Truth …YOU are the Key!

Welcome to “It’s Up-to-You-ville”!

Long live pure Autonomy!


It’s tradition...Elemental!

It’s the spirit of the age1!

Sentimental Broad-Way special

Once again on Center Stage.


You can trust us!... We’ve made progress!

We are all now Number One!

Free your Self!... Come on, just DO IT!

Grab the reins!...“Thy will be done!”


You might say it’s just like magic!

Do your truth, and I’ll do mine.

Peer into this “Well-Whatever”

Where we know no bottom line.


* * *


 But there IS a bottom line


* * *


1 “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.”- Colossians 2:8