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Have You Walked Home to Emmaus?


Road to Emmaus

“Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing him.

He asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?”

They stood still, their faces downcast. One of them, named Cleopas1, asked him, “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?”

“What things?” he asked.

“About Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied. “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people. The chief priests and our rulers handed him over to be sentenced to death, and they crucified him; but we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. And what is more, it is the third day since all this took place. In addition, some of our women amazed us. They went to the tomb early this morning but didn’t find his body. They came and told us that they had seen a vision of angels, who said he was alive. Then some of our companions went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they did not see Jesus.”

He said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?” And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.”- Luke 24: 13-27


* * *



* * *


When Jesus comes alongside, the Word comes alive, the shadows of obscurity recede, the heart is stirred, the spirit is quickened, Truth is revealed, and the darkness is chased by the dawn. The walk to Emmaus is like that….


* * *


Have You Walked Home to Emmaus?


Hello, Cleopas, how are you?

Why the long face?...Why the frown?

On this short walk to Emmaus,

Why on earth are you so down?


Let me show you what you’re missing.

Let me open up your eyes!

Take a closer look at Scripture…

Moses right through Malachi.


All the Scrolls were breathed about me.

Just the Way the Father planned.

Don’t be foolish…Search the Prophets.

Let me help you understand.


I’m the Author of the story…

I’m the Lamb who bled for you.

I’m the One who came to suffer.

I’m The Word who’s now in view.


I’m the One Isaiah spoke of…

Crushed for man’s iniquity.

I’m the greater Son of David

Come to set the prisoners the free.


“It is written”….Moses saw me

(When I crush the serpent’s head.)

I’m the ram caught in the thicket,

Mercy’s Seat…Unleavened Bread.


I’m the offering accepted…

Blood of Abel’s sacrifice,

I’m the Shepherd David spoke of…

Israel’s Redemption Price.


I’m the Ark, I’m Jacob’s Ladder.

I’m the Tree of Life, my friend.

I’m the Way, sweet Land of Canaan,

The Beginning…(and the End).


I’m the Rock struck in the desert

From which Living Water flowed.

I’m the Manna sent from heaven…

In the wilderness bestowed.


I’m the One the bulls surrounded,

I’m the One pierced on the tree,

I’m your Kinsman…your Redeemer….

I’m your Year of Jubilee!


* * *


Cleopas1, proclaim the Good News...

Tell the world what you now know!

Share the Hope who dwells within you.

Sow the seed that it may grow.


* * *


1 Cleopas means “proclaimer” in the Greek