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Teaching Kids to Pick Their Gnosis

"Some ideas are so stupid only intellectuals believe them." — George Orwell


* * *


“I have sometimes fancied that, as chilly people like a warm room, silly people sometimes like a diffused atmosphere of intellectualism and long words." — GK Chesterton


* * *




Unchained, Idol Humanism has its roots sunk deep into the upper-crusted, rarified air of Western Academia, so much so that it has left an entire generation breathless in its wake.

Recently, we have learned that (once again*) the High Priests of Postmodern Logic and Deconstructed Reason have proven that their highly touted agenda has been exposed as something,… (shall we say)…”less than honest”.

No joke.

It was recently reported that a trio of academics submitted an array of purposely meaningless papers to various professional journals for consideration. Apparently, many of the studies met the high standards of the peer-reviewers and were published.

Nonsensical linguistic drivel in, nonsensical linguistic drivel out…..

Just when you think the ivy-covered, Ivory Tower of Babble could not possibly rise any higher, someone adds another course of bogus, postmodern bricks.

One might hope, as the academic nonsense reaches new stratospheric heights that the Big Brother, The Emperor of Higher Ed, would recognize that this naked philosophical sham ought to be rolled back in the name of common decency. Tragically, however, the proud Pied Pipers of New Age Progressivism keep parading on, and the culture follows blindly-- and eagerly-- along into the swamp of toxic, graceless, grievance.

(Lord, have mercy.)


* * *


Teaching Kids to Pick Their Gnosis


We’ve got extra special Gnosis,

Gnosis that you need to know.

Pseudo-scientific Gnosis

Nonsense Gnosis that we sow.


We’re Most High-ly educated,

Here to tell you what to do.

We’ve got secret high brow Gnosis

That we’re looking down at you.


Majoring in “Outer Darkness”,

Dream the dream you feel is best.

Find The Hoax you can be proud of,

Minor in thy “Gnostic Quest”.


Teaching Kids to Pick Their Gnosis

Find your truth, and Let It Be!

Digging deeper mass, hip Gnosis…

Earn your Grievance PhD.


Gather ‘round our Gnostic cauldron,

And incline your ears to itch.

Double, double toil and trouble…

Who knows now which witch is which?


Get in line…Get educated!

Put that “Doctor” by your name!

Get yourself Utopiated!

(Join us, friend, where there’s no shame.)


* * *


“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20


* Google the Alan Sokal hoax for further details.