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Join the Band of Solo-Singers

Autonomy (Ancient Greek: αὐτονομία autonomia from αὐτόνομος autonomos from αὐτο- auto- "self" and νόμος nomos, "law", hence when combined understood to mean "one who gives oneself one's own law") is a concept found in moral, political, and bioethical philosophy.

“In biblical categories of free will, man is created within a framework of freedom, but not autonomy. Man is given freedom, but is refused autonomy. Full autonomy belongs to God alone. Man’s freedom is within limits. In the Eden situation he enjoys freedom, but it is not unlimited freedom.”
—R.C. Sproul

Join the Band of Solo-Singers
(Sing Apocalyptic Hymns)

Now our freedom’s elevated
Up to “Proud Autonomy”.
It’s the ancient Rebel Re-run…
Found atop St. Darwin’s Tree.

Hum along… “I Did It My Way!”
Climbing through these lofty limbs.
Join the Band of Solo-Singers.
Sing Apocalyptic Hymns.

Up here you’ll find Idol Pleasures…
Be The Boss you long to be!
Reign atop your throne in glory….
Celebrate your Sovereignty!

Emulate those Higher Critics
Who can see for miles and miles…
Making progress back to pagan
Smiling big Enlightened smiles.

This Tall Tree is ripe with knowledge,
Up here pick ‘n’ choose your ”good”.
Take a big bite….…It won’t kill you1.
Do it, man!….You really should!

We insist,…Just have it Your Way!
Re-imagine: “You’re The King!”
Come enjoy The Usurpation…
Proudly let your “freedom” ring!

“The essence of the Fall, and of all sin, is personal autonomy – the idea that we do not need God, that we can pretend we can live a life totally apart from God, and that we in fact are the centre of the universe. That rejection of reliance upon and complete dependency on God is the height of what sin means – a radical independence of God and his standards.”
—Bill Muehlenberg

Lord, forgive us,… we have fallen
Into lies we love so well2.
Help us see our condemnation3,
Break the curse, the devil’s spell.

Draw us to the Cross of Calv’ry…
Help us know there what You’ve done.
Give us Light of Revelation.
Father, grace to see the Son.

1 “But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.” (Genesis 3:4)

2 John 3:19

3 John 3:18-19