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Once More Hawking Our Escape Route

"Today, faith is more often channeled through science. Not only the pseudo-science of crop circle enthusiasts and UFO cultists, but genuine advances in science and technology are being used to promote hopes and dreams that are quintessentially religious. "
—John Gray ( The U.K.Guardian)

You may have missed it, but….

The New York Times recently reported that renowned, theoretical astro-physicist (and one of religious Scientism’s “God is Dead” rock stars), Stephen Hawking, has proclaimed in true Malthusian panic-driven hysteria, that we… (ie., all of humanity)…have only 100 years to plan and execute our escape from planet earth in order to avoid future impending destruction, extinction, and existential doom.

Bottom line: all our hopes and dreams lie elsewhere.

Once More Hawking Our Escape Route

One more time: “The sky is falling!”
“Settled Science” has her say.
Screwtape hawking our Escape Plan
Retro-fitted for today.

Chicken Little makes a comeback,
Tell us we won’t “surely die”1!
Teach us to avoid destruction.
What’s this new plan we should try?

Our religion?...."Settled Science"
Re-imagined as we please.
Only we can really save us
From your "Good Book" heresies.

Humanism’s Plan of Action…
Man’s salvation on our own.
Scientism’s final Word, son.
Idol Mind of Man alone.

Mankind’s “Great Escape” updated…
Same ol’ “rapture” Satan purred.
Let’s retreat into the darkness2.
Judgment dodged…the Word deferred.

Welcome to “The Garden Party”
Where the hopeless dream their plans.
Gazing toward their dark horizons….
Still ignoring God’s commands3.

1 Genesis 3:4

2 Genesis 3:8 and John 3:19

3 Genesis 2:16-17 and Exodus 20:3