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There’s a Pile-Up on the Broad Way

When the heart overrules (or ignores) the head, when sentiment charts the course, trouble is on the way….

“No emotion is, in itself, a judgement; in that sense all emotions and sentiments are alogical. but they can be reasonable or unreasonable as they conform to Reason or fail to conform. The heart never takes the place of the head: but it can, and should, obey it.”
—C.S. Lewis

There’s a Pile-Up on the Broad Way

The Emotionals are winning,
The Subjectivists have gained,
The Utopiates are dreaming,
Mother Naturalists are pained.

Now The Touchies far outnumber
Those who stand with Ages Past.
And The Feelies are progressing
Straight downhill… and really fast!

There’s a Sentimental Breakdown
In the Far Left lane, my friend,
There’s a pile-up on the broad way
In this Realm of Just-Pretend.

Yes, The Tribalists are screaming,
And The Co-Existants chant…
Everybody’s “extra-special”…
(Common sense is extra-scant.)

Everybody’s got their Group-on…
(It’s a Selfie-thing, you see.)
After one more March of Madness…
Rest assured, we’ll all agree.

Everybody gets a “safe place”…
(Except babies in the womb).
We feel blessed by contradictions
In the Land of Whitewashed Tombs*.

* “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people's bones and all uncleanness.”
—Matthew 23:27

“… somewhere in the world of philosophy, we made a huge blunder across the centuries, when we lost contact with the reality of our emotions and made human beings purely cerebral. Then in the 1960’s, the existentialist philosophers became so popular focusing on emotion, focusing on passion, focusing on experience, and swung the pendulum to the other side to where rationality was not as important as much as acting for the passion of the moment. Somewhere in the middle is the balance.… Emotions are supposed to be indicators of reality, not fabricators, or framers of reality.”
—Ravi Zacharias