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Reason’s Now Our Idol Diet

Secular Humanism, the preferred religion of fashion in this current age of postmodern enlightenment, is once again dancing (madly) around its favored Golden Calf, the Goddess of Reason.

There is nothing new under the sun in the Wilderness of.Sin…..

Thomas Oden

“The heart of the difference between cheap-grace doctrines of guilt-free existence and the Christian gospel is this: Modern chauvinism desperately avoids the message of guilt by treating it as a regrettable symptom. Christianity listens to the message of guilt by conscientious self-examination. Hedonism winks at sin. Christianity earnestly confesses sin. Secularism assumes it can extricate itself from gross misdeeds. Christianity looks to grace for divine forgiveness. Modern consciousness is its own fumbling attorney before the bar of conscience. Christianity rejoices that God himself has become our attorney. Modernity sees no reason to atone for or make reparation for wrongs. Christianity knows that unatoned sin brings on misery of conscience. Modern naturalism sees no need for God. Christianity celebrates God's willingness to suffer for our sins and redeem us from guilt.”
—Thomas Oden

Reason’s Now Our Idol Diet

Reason’s now our Idol Diet…
Chew it over…You’ll agree!
You will see we’re all “determined”
By just Matter… logically.

You’ll see “god” is just a notion,
Just a crutch for leaning on.
“Sin” and “truth”?...Both just illusions!
(Bonus gift:....Your “guilt” is GONE!)

Science swears we’re only atoms
Zoomin’ ‘round inside the head.
This is NOT, sir, just baloney!
It’s where Humanisms led.

It’s the truth postmoderns swear by!
It’s a Scientism Fact!
We’re just Molecules in Motion…
And there ain’t no turnin’ back!

Hence, of course, there’s no real “you” there,
And in my head, no real “me”.
It’s the Law of Naturalism
Come to set the prisoners free!

It’s the logical outworking
Of “enlightened” modern man.
It’s The Way to dodge The Fall, y’all.
It’s The Way we understand.

It’s our latest calculation,
Sweet Philosophy we love!
Bubbled up from Darwin’s tarpit,
(Not dreamed up by “god” above.)

"The problem with a madman is not that he is not logical; the problem is that he is only logical."
—GK Chesterton

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”
—Colossians 2:8