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Living In the Wake of Woodstock

I read the news today….Oh, boy…

Living In the Wake of Woodstock

Living in the wake of Woodstock
Treading water, sinking fast…
Loving Hefner’s revolution
In the shadow Kinsey cast.

The immoral mess we stepped in,
Flashy Hollywood’s Review…
In this Harvey Weinstein moment,
It’s the stink stuck to our shoe.

One more Priests of Baal1 Rebellion
In its final Lauer-Hour.
Watch the Flower Power fading…
One last gasp on Babel’s Tow’r.

It’s deception at its finest2,
And the flesh we loved to stroke,
It’s the Fairy Tale we trusted…
Western Culture?....Up in smoke.

It’s the cancer we promoted,
It’s the devil’s lie we bought.
It’s what happens when our “feelings”
Overwhelm the thoughts we ought.

It’s the rotten fruit we harvest
When the word of God is mocked.
It’s the image in the mirror
Now pretending to be shocked.

It’s what good intentions come to
When Subjectivism reigns.
He said- She said accusations…
In the darkness unrestrained.

It’s the whirlwind that we’re reaping
After all the wind we’ve sown3.
It’s the consequence of sin, sir….
In creation as it groans4.

It’s the enemy we’re meeting…
That Proud Number One we trust.
He’s the Idol we have Faith in…,
And the enemy is us.

Might there be, perhaps, some Good News5
That we may have set aside?
Might there be Light in this darkness
From which only fools would hide6?

Might there be a Final Answer
To this Death Wish we’ve embraced7?
Blessed Hope8 and True Revival?
Some Divine Amazing Grace9?

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