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Faith in Faith Removes All Doubt

"Faith is not an instinct. It certainly is not a feeling – feelings don’t help much when you’re in the lions’ den or hanging on a wooden Cross. Faith is not inferred from the happy way things work."
—Elizabeth Eliot

Do you sometimes hear folks say that “Oh, yes, I have faith!”

When you hear that, do you then wait… (with bated breath)… for what, if anything, might come next?

Do you lean forward in pregnant anticipation and think to yourself….(”Yes?”…AND….?”)

Do you think: “Is there an object of this ‘faith” that you profess to have, or is this simply a “feeling”… an open-ended statement of generic wishful thinking?

(Is this , in fact, something akin to simply having faith in faith?)

Faith in Faith Removes All Doubt

Faith, we’re sure, is all that matters…
Faith is what it’s all about.
Faith in WHAT’s not that important.
Faith in faith removes all doubt.

Is this faith like Crossing Fingers?
Faith in Drudge?...In CBS?
Faith in all our very good deeds?
Faith that we’re all truly blessed?

Is this faith in Mother Nature,
And in Scientific Facts?
Faith in all our good intentions…
Faith in faith keeps us on track.

Faith in even Bigger Brothers…
(Whether Green or Red or Blue?)
Faith in Guns… (or maybe Roses)?
Peace ‘n’ Love?....Whatever’s new?

Faith in Mammon making headway?
Faith in averaging the Dow?
Faith in teas leaves?...Faith in crystals?
Faith in living in The Now?

Faith in faith’s the Magic Bullet.
(Isn’t that what Jesus said?)
“Saved by faith” sincerely felt, sir,
Is the faith that’s in our head.

Yes, SINCERITY is key here.
It’s the only key we need.
It’s The Way we get to heaven.
We have faith it’s guaranteed.

Faith in Honest Speculation
Is enough to get us in
Even faith in Nothing Really
Should be good enough, my friend

We have faith the gods are righteous,
(And what’s right is what WE say!)
We have faith that when we voted
Righteousness was on display.

Faith in “goodness” is a safe bet.
Faith in Progress is as well.
That’s the gospel we believe in.
Keep the faith there is no hell.

Give us faith, Lord, in The Gospel…
In The Word that You revealed!
Give us Grace to hear Him clearly,
By your Spirit, seal the deal.

Give us faith to know the Truth, Lord.
Give us Grace to comprehend.
Take us to the Cross of Calv’ry,
Please, before we reach the end.

" comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." - Romans 10:17