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Welcome to Our Fatal Flaw

On January 21, 2017, one day after the inauguration of the newly, duly and Constitutionally-elected president of the United States, there was a massive outpouring of progressive, protestant humanity in the nation’s capital. One ecstatic eye-witness described it as “a magnificent mess”.

One of the designated spokespersons for the huge emotion-driven crowd was Hollywood’s infamous showgirl, Madonna. She rallied the assembled throng with F-bombs and talk of blowing up the White House. The gathered masses, many of whom were wearing genitalia-pink knitted caps, roared their approval for The Paramount Cause: unrestrained, universal abortion. The human rite to sacrifice unborn children was, after all, on the table, in jeopardy, and in the balance. They came to be seen. They came to be heard.

(Lord, have mercy.)

Welcome to Our Fatal Flaw

Well, we’ve made it to the bottom
Where emotion rules the roost…
Where what’s real is what we’re feeling
And each Ego needs a boost.

It’s a place we’re very proud of1,
So, we’re taking to the streets!
Wave your pink hats….Hail Madonna!
Join the mess of The Elite!

We deplore all backward thinking!
We demand we get our way!
We won’t tolerate this outcome
In this fog of 50 grays.

Fall in line behind Madonna...
Bomb the White House!.....Burn your bra!
Grab your pink hat-genitalia!.
Welcome to our fatal flaw.

Roe v Wading through this quagmire,
We’ve identified as chicks.
Watch us now look down our noses
At those red-state country hicks.

When you rally ‘round Madonna,
Trust me, trouble’s in the air.
There’s a train wreck fast approaching.
Man!...What better time for prayer!?

Listen to her good intentions.
Duck the F-bombs!.... Hear her roar!
There’s a conflagration brewing.
Certain chaos at the door.

Friend, when Hollywood’s your Bible,
Idols take the center stage.
Might be time to seek truth elsewhere.
Might be time to turn the page.

We can tell ourselves it ain’t so,
And believe in fairy tales,
But the writing’s on the wall, sir,
Be afraid….Truth never fails..

Lord, have mercy please upon us.
Help us hear again your Word.
Give us eyes to see this darkness
That has once again occurred.

Give us Grace to seek the Truth, Lord.
Be The Lamp unto our feet !
Lead us to the Cross of Calv’ry
Where the darkness met defeat.

John 3:16

1 “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”- Judges 21:25