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Twin Killing from the Dark Side

The trickle-down effect of the Cult of Scientism is pervasive. The high priests of this post-modern philosophy are everywhere. They are preaching in the classrooms, on the big screens, in the newsrooms, and on every other cultural stage. The message of the Cult of Scientism has many proponents and takes many delusional forms. One of those proponents is popular “cognitive scientist”, Steven Pinker, one of the chiefest of the High Priests around today.

"Steven Pinker"

In one of his recent “sermons”, Pinker said:

“I don't believe there's such a thing as free will in the sense of a ghost in the machine, a spirit or soul. I thik our behavior is the product of physical processes in the brain."

The gospel of this cosmological, nihilistic cult (aka Metaphysical Naturalism) has proudly sauntered into the batter’s box of contemporary western society, and is pointing toward the centerfield bleachers. Tragically, very few are willing to call “Foul!”

Twin Killing from the Dark Side

There is really no free will to speak of….
Just a chemo-reaction-like trance.
A twin killing revealed from the dark side…
Dig it,…Darwin to Pinker to Chance.

It’s a thought that we’re really quite sure of.
It’s a truth you can’t choose to ignore.
There’s no Reason behind all this matter.
Just a process we madly adore.

We’re big fans of whatever is Mindless.
Nothing thrills us, son, right to the bone!
We’re the brains behind this speculation…
And we’re sure that there’s nobody home.

We’re convinced there’s no ‘you’, ‘me’, or ‘I’ here.
No, not really, and that’s just a fact !
We’re just chemicals touching all bases
We’re the peanut and crackerjack quacks.

So, strike out with us into the darkness
Where you’ll be a real hit with our pitch.
Friend, from one meat machine to another:
Take your base with us down in this ditch.

(“Let them alone: they are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”—Matthew 15:14)

“The Bible presents us as embodied souls, with hints of both heaven and earth in our frames. If, as materialists suggest, that we and our choices and behaviors are merely chemical reactions, then things like love, virtue, right and wrong, are absolutely meaningless.”
—Eric Metaxas