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Wilderness to Water. Reflections regarding God's faithfulness, character, love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. An examination of God's grace and power through meditative prose, poetry, original drawings and full-color photographs.

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Stir That New, Old Pagan Brew

"The pagan world was a virgin waiting for her groom. The modern West is an adulterous divorce’, cynical, angry and “so through” with Jesus. It is hard to know how the secular West will come round. Will she die in her sins, or will the miracle of broken, humbled heart emerge? Pray! Fast!"
—Charles Pope

"Paganism was the biggest thing in the world, and Christianity was bigger and everything since has been comparatively small."
—G.K. Chesterton

Today, many of our Western cultural leaders (ie., educators, politicians, entertainers, etc.) talk proudly of making progress as if progress were always “a good thing”. More often than not, however, these self-professed “progressives” are regressing into paganism and calling it “positive change”.

“Progressing” backwards, as it were. Historical blinders snugly fitted and proudly in place...

Pied Pipers of Idol it again.

Stir That New, Old Pagan Brew

Singer, Sanger, Kinsey, Leary,
Joseph Campbell, Jung and Freud….
Prophets of New Paganism,
Heroes of the coming Void.

Marx ‘n’ Nietzsche, Kundalini ,
Foucault-Fun for Me and You!
Listen!…Sweat Lodge Kali-calling,
Stir that New, Old Pagan Brew.

Dawkins, Hawking: “God is nowhere!”
Pilate, Mephistopheles,
Merlin, Oprah, “What’s your pleasure?”
Endless stream idolatries.

Rainbow-chasing Me-Me-isms,
(No one even thinks it odd!)
Nature-bending man “progressing”….
(Taste the fruit and “Be like God!”)

Welcome to the Age of Orwell,
Woodstock Nation gone to seed…
Hedonistic, no God-fearing,
Nihilisms at mach-speed.

Narcissistic Selfie-Streaming
Campfire drumming,… Hollywood.
Lights-out, proudly Roe v Wading
Back to Screwtape’s neighborhood.

Lord, forgive us!…Lord, have mercy!
Give us grace to see The Sin…
Help us hear the words of Jesus*
Lord, redeem us!...Come again!

“The new paganism is the virtual divinization of man, the religion of man as the new God. One of its popular slogans, repeated often by Christians, is "the infinite value of the human person." Its aim is building a heaven on earth, a secular salvation. Another word for the new paganism is humanism, the religion that will not lift up its head to the heavens but stuffs the heavens into its head.”
—Peter Kreeft

*Luke 15: 11-32