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It’s Kevorkian Concocted

I recently read an article about a young southern California artist suffering from a terminal illness. The dying woman decided to throw a two-day party to celebrate her own public (assisted) suicide. A farewell party to remember.

The images that accompanied the story were all smiles.

The story told of this woman’s heroic act. It was described as “performance art”. Avant garde to the max, I guess.

Her suicide was characterized as a noble and daring gesture in this brave new world of cultural progressivism. The ultimate in artistic Self-expression.

After reading the tragic story, I was reminded of this statement by author/editor, Andrew Coyne:

“So it is that assisted suicide has gone, in the space of a year, from a crime, to something to be tolerated in exceptional circumstances, to a public service. Perhaps you see this as progress. But I cannot help feeling that a society that can contemplate putting children to death has somehow lost its way.”

Perhaps, we should now add these follow-up elements to Coyne’s analysis:

“….and from a “public service” to a cause to celebrate, …a time to party….an expression of fine art.”

Welcome to the dystopian world that C.S. Lewis prophetically warned us about in “The Abolition of Man” (Men Without Chests).

Trickle-down Kevorkianism. Culture gone to seed.

Jack Kevorkian

It’s Kevorkian Concocted
(Peter Singer Stamped “Approved”)

Satan’s latest invitation…
Evil wrought now with a smile…
Happy-Clappy Euthanasia!….
Now with darkness... reconciled!

At last!...”Peter Singer Ethics",
We’ve embraced throughout the land!
Truth and Reason?...Ha!...Good riddance!
Lies like that will soon be banned!

Celebrate the suicidal!
Yes, indeed…Let’s make it “cool”!
Better yet, let’s introduce it
To the children in our schools!

Let’s declare it “Brave ‘n’ Noble”…
We could even call it “art”!
Let’s declare it “Quite Progressive!”
New Age “virtue” to impart!

It’s Kevorkian concocted…
It’s the broad way we know best!
Feeling Good’s our idol fancy…
Truth is:….. Only “Happy”’s’ blessed!

Uncle Screwtape, you're a genius!
Now they think that dark is light!
That's deception at its finest!
Magick Arts are burning bright!

Man-O-Man, we’re on a roll now!
“Roe v Wade-Thought”s catching on!
Who-da-thunk, Unc!?...It’s so EASY!
(Darkness now passed off as dawn.)

Lord, have mercy please upon us.
Give us Grace to see we’re lost….
Give us Grace to see the wisdom…
In this pain …and in the Cross..

Give us Grace to see when evil
Lurks behind what may seem “good”…
Give us Grace to find the Truth, Lord,
Grace to do, Lord, what we should.

"One of our major problems as Americans today is that we want only the joy, not the sorrow. Many of us mistakenly believe that life is life only when it is healthy and comfortable. But God knows better. To make us whole, He makes sure that we experience every season—not only the springtime of youth but also the austerity of winter. As C. S. Lewis remarked, this fullness of experience is so necessary to our souls that 'perpetual springtime is not allowed'."
—Charles Colson

“That death, so full of suffering for us both, suffering that still overwhelmed my life, was yet a severe mercy. A mercy as severe as death, a severity as merciful as love.”
—Sheldon Vanauken