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It’s a Havoc We Approve Of

Chief among Secular Humanism’s many modern (and post-modern) high priests and precedent setting guru-prophets was Sigmund Freud.

As philosopher Peter Kreeft notes:

“…confusion between needs and wants stem[s] from the denial of objective values and an objective natural moral law. No one has caused more havoc in this crucial area than Freud, especially regarding sexual morality. The modern attack on marriage and the family, for which Freud set the stage, has done more damage than any war or political revolution. For where else do we all learn the most important lesson in life—unselfish love—except in stable families who preach it by practicing it?”
—Peter Kreeft

Sigmund Freud

It’s a Havoc We Approve Of

Son, great psycho-stride advancements
That were pushed by Sigmund Freud,
Have improved our happy feelings
As we hurtle toward The Void.

We’ve progressed beyond “Progressive”.
We’ve removed each lofty bar….
Holy Standards bruise the Ego
Sadly leaving only scar.

Guilt’s not really what we’re into.
So, we don’t do “Higher Law”.
We’re convinced that shame is shameful.
We dismiss all “moral flaw”.

We don’t call things EVER “sinful”…
(That’s just not a term we use!)
Words like that are too destructive…
Absolutely NOT good news1!

It’s a havoc we approve of,
It’s a Dogma we admire…
A dark Idol that we’re chasing,
One to which we all aspire.

Our “morality”’s determined
Now by therapists who know
What the people SHOULD be feeling
While they’re going with their flow.

Yes, “morality”’s made easy
Now by high brows dressed in tweeds….
(And/or Gallup’s latest polling…
And/or Hollywood-ish Creeds.)

We’ve eliminated Scripture…
Son, “The Word” we’ve silenced well.
We’ve decided Heaven MAY be,
But we’re sure there is no Hell.

The religion of Secular Humanism, a powerfully enticing Juggernaut of willful pride, desire, moral chaos, and confusion, is in full flower. Headlines confirm it every day.

The seeds of this “progress” were, of course, sown in the Garden of Eden where the authority of Truth was first ignored and disobeyed. Every generation in every culture throughout human history has eaten the forbidden fruit from the same tree. Our generation… (obviously)… is no exception. The strong delusion continues to advance….It’s intrinsic. It courses through our spiritual genes.

Lord, have mercy….Lord, forgive us.

"Lord, be praised...."2

1 “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us….” (1John 1: 8…10)

2 Ephesians 1: 3-10