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Children!.....Bow Before the Clay!

[File under: "Separation From the Church of the State"]:

I recently read a candid, rare and refreshingly honest statement from a distinguished professor of Geochemistry at UCLA:

“We as a scientific community created an origin myth that has no more intellectual value than 1 Genesis…Although we’re very quick to criticize those that operate on faith, that’s exactly what we did.”
—Dr. T. Mark Harrison

Of course, today most secular humanists and their liberally “progressive” brethren in the field of government sponsored education will continue to pretend that much of what is commonly taught as pure, legitimate, unadulterated “settled science” is really little more than thinly veiled religious indoctrination…. Faith disguised as science.

This is also known as “Scientism”.

One of the telltale characteristics of government Faith-based indoc….er…education is its insistence that no other worldviews be allowed into the classroom to challenge the fundamental, doctrinal religious orthodoxy of Scientism.

In a nutshell….”No Debate Allowed!”.

Legalism K thru 12.

Ironically today, this has come to be called “liberal” education.

And Big Brother (Keeper of the Purse Strings) skillfully keeps his High Priests of Scientism in line..

And so, just for 'fun'…a poem:

“Children!.....Bow Before the Clay!”

Watch The Priesthood, son, in action.
Watch as Mother Nature rules.
Watch now Goddess Gaia raining
Her Commandments down on fools1.

Watch Big Brother man the pulpit,
Watch him outlaw all debate...
It's the Faith for K thru 12 , sir,
Sanctioned by the Church of State.

It's the same ol' Dark Rebellion,
Nothing new here, friend, at all...
Same ol' worship of creation
(And dismissal of The Fall).

Same ol’ same ol’ Pagan Practice,
“Children!....Bow before the clay!”
It's just one more “idol fancy”…
One more way the devil preys.

It’s warmed-over dark delusion…
The “revised” Satanic Scam.
Close your eyes and re-imagine :
Mother Nature swears: “I AM!”

Did you notice how it happened?
Did you see the bait and switch?
Did you see the blind guides falling
Into Scientism's ditch?

Father, give us Grace to know You,
Give us Grace to see we’re lost.
Help us find the Truth in Jesus.
Take us, Father, to the Cross.

"Whoever has the authority to tell a culture's creation story functions as its de facto priesthood, with the power to determine what the dominant worldview will be.
—Nancy Pearcey

1 Psalm 14:1