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Give That Nuthin’ One Big Hug!

“Despite the truth-allergic pathologies of our postmodern culture, truth remains to be considered, known, and embraced. “
—Douglas Groothuis

“Postmodern thinking is full of absurdities and inconsistencies. It is, for example, the worldview that says no worldview exists. It is an anti-theory that uses theoretical tools to neutralize all theories. It demands an imposed uniformity in an effort to resist uniformity. It employs propositional statements to negate truth based on propositional statements.”
—Steve Cornell

I recently heard a die-hard postmodernist declare that Post-Modernism ( the spirit of this present age), would do well to acknowledge the intrinsically negative, 19th century Nihilism that gave it birth and instead embrace that fact as an objective, existential “positive”. This person felt, in essence, that Post-Modernism …(that “fashionable nonsense” as someone once called it)… should own up to the empty void of its angrily despairing Nietzschean “foundation” , and then …(ahem)…. build joyfully, hopefully and proudly upon it..

In other words…you know, like,… side-step the obvious pathological contradiction and “just pretend” that you’re ‘on to’ something really avant-garde and ‘neat’ …

(As in a Fairy Tale beyond grim.)

Give That Nuthin’ One Big Hug!

There's no reason Nihilism
Ought to bother us at all,
We evolved beyond that framework..
Just as we did, sir, The Fall.

Now we know No-Reason nowhere
Measures what we do or say...
Place your Faith in Sheer Conjecture ,
Then make progress every day!

Let Post-Modernism sweep you
Past what Mr. Nietzsche found…
Just accept Intrinsic Senseless,
Then admit that up IS down.

Yes, relax!...Enjoy the Twisted!
Don't let outside "Oughts" define…
Tie yourself in Nought’s Contortion,
Draw thine own subjective lines!

Pluralism's now The One Place
Po-Mo New- Noughts may reside.
Where “Whatever!” is your mantra,
AND where New-Noughts may confide.

Contradiction?....It’s transcended!
Snuggle down and settle in.
It’s The One Place “Ought”s not welcome…
AND where you may side-step “Sin”!

As you learn to love The Nothing….
(…...Give that Nuthin’ one BIG hug!...)
You can sweep all “Oughts” and “Should-Be”s
Under your Post-Modern Rug!

It’s The Safe Place where we’re growing …
Where…(at last!)...Mankind is freed!
Chaos redefined as “Order”,
Nihilism gone to seed.

Father, give us Grace to fathom
Holy Truth behind the veil…
Then reveal our true condition1,
Our beyond grim Fairy Tale.

In this darkness, Father, help us
See the Cross, the dawn, the Son…
Sow the Seed of Truth within us2,
Help us see, Lord, what You’ve done3.

"For God so loved the world..."

Dr. Douglas Groothuis

“If one rejects truth-avoiding attitudes and actions, embraces the virtues of knowing, and finally casts oneself on the mercies of whatever truth may exist (whatever the consequences), the truth itself may disclose itself to such a receptive soul—and the light of grace may dawn. If so, all credit and praise are ultimately traceable to God himself, who underwrites and oversees the administration of all truth as well as the conditions required for its welcome into the truth-needing soul.”
—Douglas Groothuis

1 Romans 3: 9-18

2 1Peter 1:23-25

3 John 12: 23-27