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Bistro Chit-Chat…War on Women!

You’ve heard the accusation. We all have. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. That is, if you oppose abortion and the subsequent divvying up and picking over the tiny body parts of recently aborted babies for financial compensation and gain), you are shamelessly waging………………………..

“War on women!”

It’s the all-too-familiar, blood-curdling, angry battle cry of the hard-charging, left-flank “progressives” who have been storming out of the pitch- black, post-modern night for more than a generation now…..

Craftily camouflaged and armed to the teeth with the pitchforks of Idol Humanism , barbed stainless steel forceps, grotesquely twisted euphemisms, and evasive, verbal “deconstructions, they come charging, wave after wave, against the ancient Judeo-Christian fortifications of tradition, virtue, common sense and decency…..and, of course, against the Ten Commandments, as well.

And now that the Planned Parenthood videotapes are out in the open, and the glaringly plain light of truth has exposed the toxic underbelly of the organization for all to see, a new wave of bitter, blind, denial and anger has (predictably) begun to spill over.

The nihilistic charge of the Dark Brigade is in full throttle.

In the meantime, the videotapes continue to speak volumes to those who have actually watched and heard and considered the shocking revelations and disclosures that they vividly contain…..

Bistro Chit-Chat…War on Women!

Just a little bistro chit-chat,
Soup ‘n’ salad with a twist,
We’ve got cold cuts that might interest,
Specials that should not be missed!

Grab a menu….Let’s talk business,
Let’s “crunch” numbers breaking bread,
Have a seat, and make an offer
For this liver of the dead.

Join us in consuming darkness.
Yes,,....Let's talk about the price.
Let's pretend it's "contraception",
But not human sacrifice.

Let’s pretend we’re doing “good” here,
Let’s pretend we’re “saving” lives…
Let’s pretend that’s not a “baby”
Lying there before your eyes.

Man, we hate your war on women,
Your misogynistic tune......
We demand our Sacred Rite, sir…
To bring to napalm to the womb

Phan Thi Kim Phuc*

It’s the Sacramental Nerve Gas
We’ve been fighting for so long…
It’s the way to liberation….
Free at last to right our wrongs.

Conscience- searing Agent Orange…
It’s the numbing cure we crave!
Look!...Just what the doctor ordered
While we’re dancing on your grave.

Mother Ashtar’s made a comeback,
Neo-paganism reigns…
Mother Nature’s resurrected,
And Big Brother’s making gains.

Lord of Heaven, please have mercy,
Speak to us from Calvary,
Give us Grace to see the Son there,
Meet us there, and set us free.

Romans 8: 18-211

* If you are interested in reading more about “the napalm girl” and her life today…

1 Romans 8: 18-21