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Listen, Kid, You’re Nothing Special

“Naturalistic assumptions…meet you on every side…It comes partly from what we may call a ‘hangover’. We all have Naturalism in our bones and even conversion does not at once work the infection out of our system. Its assumptions rush back upon the mind the moment vigilance is relaxed.”
—C.S. Lewis, “Miracles”

Christian philosopher and scientist/mathematician, William Dembski , once described philosophical Naturalism as “an unfortunate enlightenment hangover”. If that is true…(and I am persuaded that it is)… then we are today, in the post-modern west, experiencing not just a brief, nasty headache, but a full-fledged, decades-long, toilet- hugging regurgitation of the poisons we have drunk.

Still, in between our gut-wrenching, toxic heaves, and moral "blackouts", we continue to hear words like these (below) from New Age Gurus of Naturalism condescendingly inviting us to “belly-up” and imbibe again:

"Taken seriously, evolution means there is no basis for seeing humans as more advanced or developed than any other species. Homo sapiens is not the goal of evolution, for as near as we can tell evolution has no telos—it simply unfolds, life-form after life-form. Elephants are no more developed than toadstools, fish are no less advanced than birds, cabbages have as much ecological status as kings. Darwin invited humanity to face the fact that the observation of nature has revealed not one scrap of evidence that humankind is superior or special, or even particularly more interesting than, say, lichen."
—Christopher Manes, pioneer enviro-ecologist

We’ve been bellying up to the bar of Proud Scientism for quite some time now. Today, we’re even bringing these deceiving spirits into our children’s classrooms…..And the children are drinking it in and learning their lessons well.

In the meantime, please disregard the blurred vision, glazed-over looks, trembling hands and slurred speech. (Give that kid another bottle.)

Listen, Kid, You’re Nothing Special

Bottoms up, kid!...Have another!
Be enlightened!...Drink it down!
Find relief from your condition…
Bring this boy another round!

Listen, kid, you’re nothing special…
Join the Eco-Goddess Club.
You’re an accident of Nature,
Like a cabbage or a grub.

Face it, son, life has no meaning,
Other than “We’re born, we die”....
You're not worth more than a toadstool,
That's the truth you can't deny.

Trust us, we use Bio-Logic,
There’s no Telos, no Design.
We’re all here for no real Purpose…
That’s the truth we have divined.

Naturalism’s our Foundation,
Talisman and Holy Grail…
Scientism has revealed it!
“God”, boy, is a Fairy Tale.

So, you see, son…Nothing matters!
In the end, it’s all the same,
Black Hole Nihilism conquers,
Outer darkness wins the game.

“What’s the point then?” you are asking...
That’s for you, boy, to decide!
“What’s your pleasure?” is an option,
But then so is suicide.

“Perhaps we shall have to learn the truth along some Via Dolorosa. It may be that we are awaiting a great change, that the sins of the fathers are going to be visited upon generations until the reality is again brought home and there comes some passionate reaction, like that which flowered in the chivalry and spirituality of the middle ages. If such is the most we can hope for, something toward that revival may be prepared for by acts of thought and volition in this waning day of the west.”
—Richard M. Weaver, “Ideas Have Consequences”, 1948

Lord, have mercy…Bring revival,
Give us Hope...a brand new start...
Give us Grace to know the Truth, Lord.
Holy Spirit, stir the heart!

Give us Grace to find redemption,
Give us Grace to see we’re lost…
Give us Grace to know the reason
Why You fought to gain the Cross.