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Watch the Sacred Rite of Mayhem

“If [our] children are brainwashed by anything they see on television, it won't be Anderson Cooper or MSNBC pundits doing the damage. It will be mainstream sitcoms and dramas and awards shows and whatever else our pop culture produces.”
—Matt Walsh

Recently, a new prime time threshold level of despicability was reached and breached. Here (below) is how one commentator described the latest television “milestone” of depravity:

“On Thursday night [November 19, 2015], ABC’s show “Scandal” glorified the main character’s abortion while the soundtrack played “Silent Night.” The show ended playing Ave Maria, just after pro-abortion politicians were portrayed as heroically standing against the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

“While the abortion is performed and a choir sings “Silent Night” night, the main character’s father says in a voiceover: “Family is a burden . . . Family doesn't complete you. It destroys you.” At the end of the abortion, the choir sings “Hallelujah!”

“ABC [Disney] studios and the producer of Scandal [Shonda Rhimes] celebrated the murder of an innocent human being in their storyline, paired discordantly with music that celebrates the birth of Christ Jesus.“

"Our greatest threat as a nation is not foreign invaders at the door; it's termites in the floor."
—Os Guiness

Watch the Sacred Rite of Mayhem

Here’s a scandal to be proud of,
One more Hollywood obscene…
Here’s depravity in bright lights,
Christmas turned to Halloween.

Holy Scripture?...Here’s the re-write:
We reject The Bible’s frame…
We’re erasing moral bound’ries,
We’re eliminating “shame”.

Watch the Self-esteemy end-game
That the Glamorites all play….
Watch the “Me-First” moral quagmire,
Of a culture in decay.

Watch the numb ‘n’ numb-er numbers
Escalate before your eyes…
Watch the train wreck’s twisted message
That the devil has devised.

Watch the flesh devour the spirit,
Watch the pleasure-driven rule,
Watch the Word of God deflected,
Watch a culture run by fools.

Watch as wisdom now escapes us
Watch sheer madness drawing near…
Watch pure evil fast advancing,
When there is no God to fear.

Watch the innocents’ bloodletting,
Watch the goddess lick her lips,
Watch delusion pass for virtue,
And what’s righteous lose its grip.

Watch the Sacred Rite of mayhem
That we all must now confess,
Watch the demons Roe v Wading
Through this wicked viper’s nest.

Here’s an Emmy from the gutter
Here’s a highlight of new lows…
Here’s the bottom of the barrel
In sheer conscience-searing clothes.

Watch pornography of spirit,
In a fleshpool for the soul...
A metastasizing cancer
Spreading now out of control.

Watch a show of mass perversion,
(Watch the culture only smile….)
Watch the hit, man, now for Mammon,
The epitome of vile.

Watch the neo-pagan plot line,
Watch the cesspool witches’ brew,
Mass deception at its finest…
Watch the devil laugh on cue.

Babel’s sacrificial system,
Morbid idols born of Pride,
God of scripture mocked in prime time…
Truth and Babylon collide.

Shepherd, please, have mercy on us!
Lead us home back to the fold,
Take this poverty of spirit,
And revive the barren soul.

Give us Grace to see the darkness
That pretends to be the light…
Father, take us back to Calv’ry,
Where the Truth destroyed the blight.

Help us mourn our true condition,
Help us see our sin inside….
Holy Spirit, help us fathom
Why this Jesus came to die.

Help us know this Grace Amazing,
The Anointed One who rose…
Light of Revelation, draw us
To the Glory Heaven knows.

"As a member of the Hollywood community, I have been part of an industry that has unwittingly and yes, even wittingly, caused much damage to America and to the world, and I am well aware of the blight that has too often been the result of such actions."
—Gerald Molen (producer, “Schindler’s List”)