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Watch ‘The Fall’ Now Fall From Favor

"Beware of manufacturing a God of your own: a God who is all mercy, but not just; a God who is all love, but not holy; a God who has a heaven for everybody, but a hell for none. Such a God is an idol of your own."
—J.C. Ryle

“I believe that the greatest threat to Christianity is the anti-intellectualism that permeates the church. For about a century now, Christians have largely retreated from the intellectual arena and entrenched themselves in a version of Christianity that emphasizes feelings, experience, and pragmatism, and have ignored the life of the mind. We have adopted a view of faith that sees it as opposed to reason. The result has been the marginalization of the church from the larger culture and our inability to be salt and light, and the increasing secularization of our society.”
—Dr. Steve B. Cowan (interview)

Albrecht Durer (The Fall of Man)

Watch ‘The Fall’ Now Fall From Favor

Watch the Salt turn into sugar,
And the fog blot out the Light…
Watch the Gospel now surrendered
To the world without a fight.

Watch the intellect go dormant,
Watch the Lord’s Beloved snooze.
Watch the Good News be perverted,
And the Grace of God confused.

Watch as “feelings” make decisions,
Pragmatism take control…
Watch the Holy Spirit’s counsel
Be defeated at the polls.

Watch the culture’s dissolution,
Fading out before your eyes…
Watch the Cheshire Cat there grinning,
Watch as Hope now slowly dies.

Watch as Virtue’s simply scoffed at,
True Morality ignored...
Watch the White Flag Church retreating,
Watch the Truth then be deplored.

Watch The Bride take to the back seat,
While Big Brother takes the wheel.
Watch the Gates of Hell swing open
In the Land of Touchy-Feel.

Watch the Word be deconstructed,
Watch tradition being damned…
Watch the Nihilistics chuckle,
Hear the Silence of the Lambs.

Watch “The Fall” now fall from favor
In post-modern clouds of gray,
Watch the jeering Proud high-fiving,
Sin, like Magik, fall away.

Watch the church now acquiescing
As it goes now with “the flow”…
Then watch God ‘n’ Man evolving…
And we tell God where to go.

Lord, You told us to be wary
Of the devil prowling ‘round1
Give us wisdom and discernment
In this darkness so profound!

May we come to true repentance…
Father, help us see your face2.
We want Truth…not happy feelings,
Nor some cheap and easy Grace.

May your Light drive out the darkness,
May we then, Lord, count the cost3
Show us Jesus! … Father, place us
On our knees before the Cross.

“ I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!”
—Galatians 1: 6-9

1 1Peter 5:8-9
2 Psalm 27: 8-9
3 Luke 14: 28-30