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He’s the Justice Man is Dreading

"Those who do not meet Him [God] clothed in his gift of salvation and grace must meet Him naked without a wedding garment. For all must meet Him, for He is Truth, and the Truth is universal and unavoidable. Mercy is Truth clothed; judgment is Truth naked."
—Peter Kreeft

He’s the Justice Man is Dreading

He’s the naked Truth most Holy,
Calling honest men to turn…
Witness fools in dark denial…
Watch his invitation spurned.

He’s the Judge of sin and sinners…
Of the proud who will not bend,
Showing mercy to the mournful,1
Poor in spirit He defends.2

He’s the Gift of Grace that’s offered,
He’s the Offering, in fact3
He's the ever-present Presence,
Broken Bread the starving lack.4

He’s the Bridegroom who’s proposing,
He’s the Promised Wedding Vow,
He’s the Covenant awaited5
Who is with us here and now6.

He’s the Power and the Glory,
He's the Son who calls His Bride7...
He's the Pro-Creation’s Master,
Holy Seed sown far and wide.

He’s the Reason we know Evil
When it rears its ugly head…
He’s the Righteous Judge Omnscient
Of the living and the dead8.

He’s the One who sees right through us,
He’s the One who knows the heart…
He’s the One by whom we’re measured,,
Who has Mercy to impart9.

He’s the Son on Mount Moriah10,
He’s the One who paid The Debt…
He’s the Holy Stain Remover
He’s The Way the proud reject.

He’s the One the Scriptures tell us
That the world cannot abide11….
He’s the Bridegroom who is knocking12,
And the Truth from which we hide.

He’s the Justice man is dreading,
Brought to light in ancient Creeds,
He’s the nemesis of sinners,
Holy-Love the sinner needs.

He’s the Son of God Incarnate
And the Son of Man as well…
He’s the Ark we’re asked to enter,
Grace for us who tasted Hell.

"Prodigal Son", (detail), Murillo“The assurance of Heaven is never given to the person. And that's why at the core of the Christian faith is the grace of God. If there's one word I would grab from all of that, it's forgiveness - that you can be forgiven. I can be forgiven, and it is of the grace of God. But once you understand that, I think the ramifications are worldwide.”
‐Ravi Zacharias

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