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His Comic Pitch Was Just Too Rich

P.T. Barnum

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” (attributed to P.T. Barnum)

I noticed recently that anti-capitalist film-producer, Michael Moore, was in the middle of a divorce settlement. In the process of the proceedings, it was revealed, apparently, that Mr. “blue collar” Moore owned (or owns) nine houses, and that his net worth was in the neighborhood of 50 million dollars.

Not bad for such a committed Marxist/Socialist who so freely rakes in the dough from his gullible fans by railing against capitalism’s free market system.

Anyway, just for fun…..a poem.

His Comic Pitch Was Just Too Rich

Here’s Michael Moore, and he’s quite sure,
Free markets are from Hell…
Hey, Mike’s no fool!... He’s been well-schooled,
And what he says will sell.

Well, dang!...Who knew!?...That collar blue
Was only just for show.
His cover’s blown….We shoulda known!
The Emp’ror has no clothes.

He’s been well taught…His line some bought.
He’s P.T. Barnum-wise!
And while he barks a lot like Marx,
His bite might just surprise.

Just so you’ll know, Mike’s got more dough
Than you could ever dream…
But that’s OK,…What can we say?
Things just aren’t what they seem.

His comic pitch was just "too rich",
His tale was much too wide,
But don't despair, his fans don't care
How much this Piper's Pied.

It’s just a fact, his circus act
Rolled into tinsel town…
When he arrived, he shucked, he jived,
Then turned fools into clowns.

Yes, Mike, you see’s, pure bougeoisie,
Your leg he’s pullin’, man…
He’s very slick, his comic schtick
May finally hit his fans.