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Ahhh! Shifting Sand….’WhateverLand’!

“I'm investigating things that begin with the letter M.”
— The Mad Hatter, “Alice in Wonderland”

"Multiverse Quantum FoamUniverses"

“These are sorts of fluctuations in the quantum foam. Quantum physics fluctuates all the time. But now the fluctuations are not just particles coming into and out of existence, which happens all the time. It's whole universes coming into and out of existence.”
— Neil deGrasse Young, astronomer

"From the cosmic lottery hat containing zillions of universes, we happened to draw a universe that allowed life. Of course, we have no conceivable way of observing these other universes and cannot prove their existence."
— Dr. Alan T. Lightman, M.I.T.

It seems that “The Multiverse” has been getting top billing these days. It was recently showcased in the glossy T.V. Scientism-promo- docu-drama, “Cosmos” hosted by astronomer Neil deGrasse Young . For those in the know, The Multiverse is, in the final analysis, THE Final Analysis.

Apparently, Multiverse Theory is the answer to all those pesky unanswerable questions that have frustrated legitimate science for so long. Questions like:

“Where did this universe come from?”… (The Multiverse diddit!)

“Where did life come?... (The Multiverse diddit!)

“Where do all the Laws of Nature come from?” …(The Multiverse diddit!)

“Where did all of the fine-tuning of the universe come from?”… (The Multiverse diddit!)

The Multiverse, it appears, is the “god”… (or, more accurately…the idol)… for all the theo -phobes who desperately need God not to exist. The Multiverse is religious Scientism’s fantasy ”go-to-god”, and it is (I predict) the all-purpose idol to which the state-funded High Priests of Scientism will cling… come hell or high water. You see, something must have caused “all of this” to be here, and the phantom concept of Multiverses gets the nod, because in speculative Multiverse Wonderland anything and everything not only CAN happen, it WILL happen. And so, voila! Here we are today!

In Scientism Wonderland , we find ourselves in this fortuitously inevitable universe because we blindly bubbled up in the hypothetical black hole “quantum foam” of naturalism’s magic Multiverse cauldron, a cauldron where anything and everything … (except God)…. can be found. It is where “up” can be “down”, 2+2 can be 7, evil can be good and the Cubs have finally won the world series day after tomorrow.

Multiverses' Magik Cauldron

Hey, look. It’s modern Science. Don’t ask questions.

“I suppose that every age has its own particular fantasy: ours is science.”
— Malcolm Muggeridge

Ahhh! Shifting Sand….’WhateverLand’!

There’s no design!... No plan Divine.
No loss, and, yes, no win!
The Multiverse has slain the curse!…
Mad Hatters smile…. and spin.

Yes, we’ve been told this Rabbit-Hole
Is where true Sabbath rests.
So, blessed be!...We’ve been set free!
Please join us…Be our guest!

Yes…never Mind the cosmic bind
The Scriptures have disclosed…
What Jesus said’s been put to bed,
True Truth has been deposed.

Enjoy, my friend, the open end
The Multiverse affords.
Embrace with me Dark Energy
That Truth and Light abhors.

Ahhh! Shifting sand….“WhateverLand”!!
Where rhyme and reason fail…
Please don’t be late for your blind date
With this Black-Holey Grail.

Come! Follow me to Fantasy….
Where Chaos writes the rules,
Let’s talk and stalk the Jabberwock
In darkness filled with fools1.

Here what we “feel” trumps all that’s “real”,
No up, no down , no Fall!
So, jump on in!.... It’s not a Sin!
The Multiverses call!

It’s quite unique and, so to speak,
A crazy place to be…
Confusion reigns…It’s quite insane!
The NEW reality!

This point of view is hot,… it’s new!
No “god”, no “sin”,… no Way!
So, don’t be cursed…Be Multiversed!
Let Science save the day!

* * * *

Watch Mankind swear , “God isn’t there!”
Watch darkness being loosed…
Deluded dreams and idol schemes,
Watch man without excuse2.

Watch Mankind ‘s Pride…then watch him hide
Where there’s no Truth or Light,
Watch him deny we bought the Lie…
Then from the Light take flight3.

Lord, help us see and then agree
With every word You’ve said…
May we begin to see our sin,
Then bow4 to You instead….

“Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”
(John 1: 3-4)

1 Psalm 14:1

2 Romans 1: 18-20

3 Proverbs 28:1

4 Philippians 2: 10-11