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And We Cheer On Babylon…

“Trashing our history and its icons has become the identifying phenomenon of our national culture, what there is left of it.”
— Wesley Pruden

“The childish mind that hates the discipline of dogma is usually, at the same time, addicted to entertainment. Dogma is ‘boring’, but finger-painting your own creed is fun.”
— David Wells

It seems fewer and fewer people today in the West believe that mankind is actually fallen and infused with an inherent sinful nature, justifiably condemned1, separated from God and in desperate need of redemption/salvation.

The esteemed higher critics of the Bible have been plying their academic trade for quite some time, determined as they always seem to be to discredit God’s Word, debase God's Grace, dismantle God’s Sovereignty and deny God’s power of redemption via the glorious Good News of The Cross.

Tragically (but not unpredictably), the fallen world has been taken in by the “higher” critics’ childish schemes. We have, you see, been enlightened by them. We have been “liberated” from the healthy fear of a Holy God2 by the lofty…the learned…and the wise.

Thanks to the scholarly skeptics, we are today for the most part, unfettered and unafraid.

In the meantime, we have descended into a cultural quagmire of subjective amorality and immorality where anything and everything goes. We have jumped headlong into a bottomless tar pit of narcissism, pride and “progressive” pleasures.

All the while the influential academics, proud card-carrying members of “The Higher Critic Club”, stand tall and watch proudly as their satanically devised point of view wreaks havoc and spawns mayhem in the land, where the children always take the hardest hit.

And We Cheer On Babylon…

In this world just East of Eden,
Down is up, and out is in.
Wickedness perceived as "progress",
Pure and Holy labelled “sin”.

It’s where skeptics are applauded,
And where stars are standing tall,
It’s where Scientism dictates,
And where most deny The Fall.

It’s where Pride becomes a virtue,
And where Virtue comes in last…
It’s where Babel Tower builders
Deconstruct the Christian past.

It’s where modesty is frowned on
Moral Law is redefined….
It’s where boundaries are laughed at
And the blind still lead the blind.3

It’s where lewdness is promoted….
It’s where children are enticed.
It’s where flesh is used for profit,
And then babies sacrificed.

It’s where meaning’s based on feelings,
It’s where feelings rule the roost…
It’s where Reason’s lost its meaning,
And where demons have been loosed.

It’s where morals morph to values,
And then values fade to grey…
It’s where right and wrong’s subjective,
And where Truth just fades away.

It’s where scripture is belittled
By the trendy and elite…
Where The Decalogue’s a nuisance,
And iniquity’s complete.

It’s where Golden Calves are honored,
And where God is but a joke…
It’s where Prideful Man is praying
That Jehovah never spoke.

Where tradition is demoted,
It’s where Gaia has her say…
Yes, it’s where creation’s worshiped,
And God’s Word just doesn’t play.

It's where Bread gives way to Circus,
It's where passion turns to lust,
Where the blind are in denial,
And we swear, "That's them...not us!"

It’s where hubris finds expression,
And humility’s long gone,
It’s a place where Egos tower
And we cheer on Babylon.

Lord, have mercy, please upon us!
Help us see thy servant King…
Take us to the Cross of Calv’ry,
Where to You Lord, we may cling!

Help us see our broken nature,
Our depravity, our sin,
Wash us clean there, sweet Lord Jesus,
So we may be born again.

"The Crucified Christ", Rubens

1 John 3:18

2 Psalm 111:10

3 John 3:3