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Have You Heard the Upper Rumor?

The Bible tells us that on the day of the Jewish Feast of Weeks/Pentecost (ie., the fiftieth day after the resurrection), faithful followers of Jesus were waiting and praying together in an upstairs room. It was there that the Church, the Bride of Christ, was born, empowered, authorized and equipped to fulfill The Great Commission.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jesus Seminar-type skeptics had been in that Upper Room at Pentecost....?

Would the Gospel have made it downstairs and into the streets of Jerusalem...and beyond at all?

Have You Heard the Upper Rumor?

Have you heard the Upper Rumor?
Jesus wasn't really LORD!
Now top dollar scholars tell us,
"It was all just metaphored!"

After Cross-examination
Be advised: the Word is wrong!
They insist that they know better,
(Aren't you glad they came along?!)

Yes, they picked apart the record,
Deconstructing left and right...
Cloistered up in Iv'ry Towers,
Upper Rumination Blight!

Intellects dividing Scripture
Huddled high behind the veil.
Men of lofty erudition,
Judging God by human scale.

With an eye on current fashion,
Exegeting from the hip....
High atop Mount Worldly Wisdom,
Paying service, giving lip.

Voting "up" or "down" on verses...
Some approved, but most would go!
"Revelation" thus disproven
By True Scholars in-the-know.

Yes, they reached their firm conclusion
From their Higher Critic's Perch.
Quick dismissal of Messiah,
Proudly redefining "church".

Studied up and writing papers!
Smugly published....Peer reviewed!
Men of Letters, scoffers scoffing,
Intellects with attitudes.

Upper Story Humanism,
Yeast infections in the dough...
Wreaking havoc in the Body,
Seeds of doubting sow-and-sows.

Lord, you told us to be watching...
Lord, you warned us to "Beware!"
Give us Grace and Faith to trust You,
In this kingdom of the air.

Help us recognize the Truth, Lord,
In the face of Satan's lie.....
Help us see the sin within us,
And why You were crucified.

Lord, convict us...Make us mournful..
Pour us out at Pentecost.
And then fill us, Holy Spirit,
On our knees before the Cross.

May we heed your Great Commission,
Please equip us to obey...
Fill these lamps with oil of gladness,
And then, Lord, please light The Way.