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The Demons Sing, "Come Do Your Thing"

"There is darkness without and when I die there will be darkness within. There is no splendor, no vastness, anywhere; only triviality for a moment, and then nothing"
—Bertrand Russell

The current “New Atheist ” phenomenon has received a great deal of popular and positive press lately. The nihilistic, intellectual phenomenon has been spearheaded by angry anti-theists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others. This group, exhibiting fundamentalist faith in their creator, The Vacuous Quantum Fluctuation, dogmatically trusts that the universe accidentally popped into existence from God-knows-where, for no reason at all. This progressively seductive “hip movement” has been bumping and grinding its way through the post-modern culture for a while now. It has spawned and given birth to some rather dark and twisted thinking. I stumbled across some of that thinking recently from a gentleman trained in “Ecological and Evolutionary Biology” at the University of Arizona, and who (at last report) was working on his Ph.D at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology. Parroting the ideas of Princeton’s “rock-star” Bio-Ethicist Peter Singer, this gentleman wrote the following defense of “Pro-Choice” infanticide [the punctuation is his own]:

"no one is arguing that the government should forcibly abort babies. rather, the argument is (apparently) that if a family wants to commit infanticide, there is not much difference between that and an abortion. for what it's worth, i find it a little repugnant, but i struggle to see anything really "wrong" with it. babies prior to a certain age do not have certain moral properties that make them entities worth legal protection. consider animals; an adult chicken is probably about as mentally aware and capable of feeling pain as an infant is, and yet i doubt you are a vegetarian....

as for the mentally disabled, we already essentially require someone (either an individual or the state) to act as their guardian and caretaker. on some level they do not have the same set of rights as the rest of us do."

Tragically, this brand of demonic-inspired perversity has been gaining both credibility and traction among some of the more highly evolved intellectuals in our midst today. These “bright” notions are becoming more and more mainstream,…a sign of our spiritually impoverished and relativistic times. I think even Bertrand Russell would be ashamed and shocked by this current trend. (But “shame” today is not so highly regarded.)

All of this does not bode well for the moral wel-being of future generations. It doesn’t take great vision to see the handwriting on the wall. The frog of western civilization has willingly hopped into the progressive pot of its own self-destruction and sits there, wishing thoughtfully, mesmerized….staring blankly.

The Demons Sing, "Come Do Your Thing"

Come wine ‘n’ dine!...The Kool-Aid’s fine!“
“Drink up here in the fog…”
The demons sing: “Just do your thing!”
“Come join The Boiling Frogs!”

“The world’s not broke!” the frogs all croak,
“Sin’s not an issue now!”
The demons buzz: “God never was!”
Then proudly take a bow.

“Hop in the pot where “sin” is not…”
“The water’s really fine!”
The demons bleat: “It’s really neat!”
“Come sip the New Age wine!”

The demons state: “Just tolerate!”
“No “god” can hear you pray!”
”Just sing our song and play along!”
“There is no hell to pay!”

"Lord, have mercy.... (And He did.)"