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Crystal Gazers To The Rescue!

“The vibratory power of stones, considered precious or otherwise, was held in high esteem by the ancient Magi, Alchemists, Qabalists, Astrologers, Egyptian Priests, Healers, etc. Down through the ages, they have valued, studied, and taught the virtues of powers attributed to stones.”
—(description of magik crystals from a neo-pagan/wiccan (witchcraft) website

“Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’ Or to the lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’”
—Habakkuk 2:19

Dr. Michael RuseDr. Michael Ruse, scientist, philosopher and apparent proselyte of the religion of Darwinian Evolutionism, had this to say recently when asked how he thought life emerged from inanimate… (ie., dead)… matter:

“Well, one popular theory, is that…[life]… might have started off on the backs of crystals…. Molecules piggy-backed on the backs of crystals forming, and this lead to more and more complex... But of course, the nice thing about crystals is that every now and then you get mistakes - mutations, and that this opens the way for natural selection.”

In other words…..“Poof!”… dumb-luck-magic did it.
Science marches on….Alchemy makes a comeback.

Crystal Gazers To The Rescue!

We’re “mistakes”,…. Dumb-Luck Mutations…
Yes, by Chance life did appear!
Prest-O, Change-O! …Science Fiction!
Everything is Crystal Clear.

Stones…awake!...Let’s get a move on!
Magik Mutant, come alive!
Replicate, ye Crystal Compounds!”
Scientism’s Shuck ‘n’ Jive.

We now know... I AM’s a has been,
Just a “Wuz” whose time is past.
Join us… Idol Speculators,

It’s The Crystal News Persuasion!...
No, our theory’s NOT a fraud
(And it’s ever so much safer
Than hypothesizing God!)

It’s The Cauldron that we’ve called on,
Stirring Scientism’s Stew…
Breeding ground for Idol Pleasure,
Lifeless goo to me and you!

It’s the last straw that we’re grasping,
It’s the Funny Farmer’s Scheme,
Humanism’s final answer
To this incoherent dream.

After all, who makes the rules here?
WE decide what's True and Right!
In this crystal we’re all gazing…,
And we swear, we’ve seen the light!

Magik Mutant Revelation!
Keep evolving, friend, we pray…
Who needs “god” when you’ve got Darwin?
Idol Minds now on display.

It's the Ruse for which we’ve fallen,
It's the bait that we have bit...
It’s the nonsense we believe in!
Naturalism’s Holy Writ.

Holy Spirit, give us Grace now,
Help us comprehend the Word.
Speak the Truth through revelation,
And then Faith in what we’ve heard.

Father, draw us to repentance,
And away from Satan’s lie…
Word of God, please come convict us
Of the sin that we deny.

Draw us to the cross of Jesus,
And there put us on our knees…
By the spotless lamb redeem us;
Lord, remove this sin disease.

“[Evolutionary naturalists]…have not a well-supported scientific theory but a form of magic that masquerades as scientific theory…this form of magic is the view that something can be gotten from nothing…the transformation of nothing into something may involve minor expenditures of effort. For instance, the magician may need to utter ‘abracadabra’ or ‘hocus pocus’. Likewise, the Darwinian just-so-stories that attempt to account for complex information-rich biological structures are incantations that give the illusion of solving a problem but in fact merely cloak ignorance.”
—William Dembski