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Wilderness to Water. Reflections regarding God's faithfulness, character, love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. An examination of God's grace and power through meditative prose, poetry, original drawings and full-color photographs.

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Sir, You're Just a Meat Computer...

Jerry Coyne, PhD.

“Our brains are simply meat computers that, like real computers, are programmed by our genes and experiences to convert an array of inputs into a predetermined output.”
—Dr. Jerry Coyne, (biologist, U. of Chicago)

Sir, you're just a meat computer...
Nothing more and nothing less;
Everything you think's pre-programmed,
Don't resist it, just confess!

You've no choice...You're just a robot,
Neural Dendrite Meat Machine!
All you do is pre-determined...
Set in motion by your genes.

So, good luck,'re gonna need it;
Life is simply pointless, man.
It's a fact, so just accept it.
Pointlessness is in demand.