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We’ve Begun a Pilate-Program

Ravi Zacharias

“The fundamental problem Jesus was exposing to Pilate and the world is not the paucity of available truth; it is more often the hypocrisy of our search.”
—Ravi Zacharias

C.S. Lewis

“The ancient man approached God (or even the gods) as the accused person approaches his judge. For the modern man, the roles are quite reversed. He is the judge: God is in the dock. …”
—C.S. Lewis, “God in the Dock”

We’ve Begun a Pilate-Program

Come right in, and please be seated.
Thank you, God, for dropping by...
We've got questions, and we're hoping
That we're seeing eye-to-eye.

We’ve begun a Pilate-Program.
And we hope that you’ll fit in…..
Someone told us you could help us,
So, relax, and let’s begin.

We've reviewed your application...
It's impressive, yessiree!
BUT there are some yellow flags here,
Points where we may disagree.

We see here you’re quite creative!
And that you have worked with clay.
Oh my goodness!...You have talent!
This is quite The Resume!

Wow! Your background’s simply stellar!
Yes, indeedy-deedy-do!
And perhaps you'll see things our way
After this first interview.

Your accomplishments are stunning,
Goodness me!...You must be proud!
But…(oh dear!)…We see a problem.
Yes, we see a darker cloud.

Some have said you’re “hard to work with”,
Some have said “…a bit too stern.”
That’s a red flag…That’s a drawback….
Frankly, that’s a HUGE concern!

We need folks who’ll follow orders,
“Teamwork Folks” who just blend in.
Folks who sacrifice for others,
Folks who acquiesce and bend.

We need folks who listen closely.
Those who condescend to serve,
Folks who relish selfless giving....
Unassuming and reserved.

We need folks who share our vision,
Servant workers who agree.
Yes, Team Players dedicated
To the bottom line, you see.

We’ve got certain expectations
All our workers must fulfill…
While your background IS outstanding,
We’re not sure you fit our bill.

Your credentials ARE inspiring,
And we’re sure you’re qualified,
But some things we see disturb us….,
I’m afraid the gulf’s too wide.

True, your record IS astounding,
We’re just troubled by your style.
Thanks for coming in to see us,….
And we’ll keep your name on file.

We appreciate your interest,
And we wish you all the best…
We’re so sorry…. We can’t use you.
Have a nice day, God,.…Be blessed!

"Pilate washes his hands"

"This God who tells Moses "I am Who I am", who enters into contingent relationships with human beings at particular times and in particular places, who approves of certain actions and not others, has always been, to say the least, hard to live with. Human beings have always preferred gods for whom they can write the job description for themselves."
— Leslie Zeigler

“The tragedy of life and of the world is not that men do not know God; the tragedy is that, knowing Him, they still insist on going their own way.”
—William Barclay

"While we were yet sinners..."(Romans 5: 8)