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‘Til We’re Up Against the Wall

"...painted over, shown the door"Today, in many quarters, the Biblical gospel of God’s grace is being reduced, essentially, to theological mush. True repentance…the necessary flip-side of saving Faith in Jesus Christ, …has been painted over and “shown the door” by theologians proudly and gleefully re-imagining two thousand years of foundational church doctrine, tradition and teaching. In its place, these well-meaning (?) folks have introduced a seductive scenario of easy believe-ism, the poison-pablum preaching of good intentions, wishful thinking and feel-good sentimentality, a toxic blend enthusiastically and blindly embraced by countless throngs.

The comfortable and cuddly puppy-dogma of “emerging” New Age christendom has found a home.

Big smiles and “spirituality” are in. Hodge-Podge theology has taken center stage. A pinch of gnosticism here, a dash of smiley-faced works righteousness and a generous sprinkling of a re-imagined gospel there… Chop. Stir. Puree and baste.

Apply liberally.

(Lord, have mercy on us all.)

‘Til We’re Up Against the Wall

Painting... (madly...) toward the corner,
Grab a brush and join us, y’all!
Lend a hand and give us back-up,
'Til we're up against the wall.

Come on!...Spread the half-truth with us,
Spread it thick or spread it thin.
Lay it on, the latest "good news",
With a Gnostic New Age spin!

There’s no One Way we’re aware of…
Keep your nose close to the ground.
There's no hell to be concerned with,
And no God to fear, we’ve found.

There's no Sin, so there's no problem.
You’re OK…And so are we!
Just relax and keep on spreading
Second coat apostasies.

Don’t look now…just keep progressing!
There’s no “key”…no lock, no door…
Just be happy down there strokin’
On Great Gaia’s hardwood floor!

Keep your head down…Keep on working!
Yes, that’s Nature’s Way, my friend.
Don't look up for “revelation”....
Man, don’t worry ‘bout the end.