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Watch as Shame is Shamed to Silence

Wm. Provine

"There is no hope whatsoever in there being any....meaning in life."
— William Provine, biologist/geneticist (Cornell University)

Sigmund Freud

"The moment a man questions the meaning and value of life he is sick, since objectively neither has any existence."
— Sigmund Freud

When I read statements like the ones above, I am saddened. When such brilliant minds as these ( Provine and Freud) express thoughts of such profound nihilistic despair, I think immediately of someone who has read and taken to heart the Book of Ecclesiastes but decided to stop at Chapter 12 verse 8:

“Meaningless! Meaningless! Says the teacher. “Everything is meaningless!” (v. 8)……..

…..when just five more verses (verses 9-14) may well have helped to penetrate the darkness and lift the self-imposed, spiritual fog of blinding hopelessness.

Lord, have mercy.

Father, give us the Grace to recognize the ocean of sin in which we swim….our fallen state. Please pierce this present darkness with the Light of Truth. Help us to see and confess our sin…… Give us the Grace and the honesty to knock and seek and ask. Help us fathom why you came.

Please, Lord…cast your net again.

Watch as Shame is Shamed to Silence

When the Provine Proclamation
Kisses up to Sigmund’s Void
Watch the walls of reason crumble,
Watch a culture be destroyed.

Watch as Truth and Virtue vanish,
Watch as Conscience is de-claimed….
Watch as “sin” is stripped of meaning,
Watch as Pride then swallows Shame.

Watch as man keeps building higher,
Watch him proudly climb his wall…
Watch him stand high on the ramparts,
Watch as Man denies The Fall.

Watch as fathers leave their children,
Watch the children lose their way….
Watch the slaughter gain momentum,
And the fabric start to fray.

Watch the boys demean their sisters,
Watch them leering at their screens,
Watch as innocence is ruined,
Watch the culture turning mean.

Watch young girls apply their make-up,
Watch ‘em pose, lips glossed and lush...
Watch the culture spiral downward,
While forgetting how to blush.

Watch foundations crumble faster,
Watch the mayhem now increase ….
Watch the unborn mutilated,
Like tradition….piece by piece.

Watch when nothing really matters,
How confusion fills the air…
Watch this toxic nihilism
Spawning boredom and despair.

Watch as shame is shamed to silence,
Watch as true guilt disappears …
Watch what happens when the fathers
Think there is no God to fear.

"Shame is to the moral health of a society what pain is to the body….the soil of shamelessness gives root to evil in its most violent forms…to raise a child without shame is to raise one with no immune system against evil….Shame is meant to protect the very ones we love. But our culture has killed it."
—Ravi Zacharias

"Forgive them, Father...." (Luke 23: 34)