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Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! (We've Got New Good News to Share)

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
(We've Got New Good News to Share)

Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!
We’ve got new good news to share!
You might say we’ve “changed the channel”,
‘Cause the old one wasn’t “fair”.

We’ve got Matthew re-imagined,
Mark and Luke re-analyzed…
We’ve employed the “higher critics”
To have “god” cut down to size.

We’ve turned “Sin” into an issue
That no longer plagues the soul.
It’s just something to get over,
Like a bad dream or a cold.

We’ve got Scriptures now updated
So they don’t mean what they say…
And as such the Bible’s bogus,
And irrelevant today.

Yep, we finally turned the pages,
‘Cause we’ve read between the lines.
We’ve got Jesus deconstructed,
And the Gospel redefined.

All those icky Ten Commandments?
We just swept ‘em out the door!
Now we’re free to do “whatever”…
Free at last! For evermore.

Yep, the Decalogue’s a goner…
We disposed of all the lies!
Now our consciences are clearer,
Proving that we’re VERY wise!