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Yes, We’ll Shelter You With Pride

"Sin is the active assertion to the right to the claim to ourselves, and therefore to the right to our own view of things… a deliberate distortion of reality that must be actively erected and ceaselessly maintained against God and the true reality of things as they really are. This false framework is precisely the fictional façade, the Potemkin village, the bad faith alibi which provides the legitimacy for the shrine all sinners build to themselves and the shelter in which they take refuge from the truth.”

–Os Guinness




Yes, We’ll Shelter You With Pride


Welcome to Potemkin Village!

Where you’re always fresh and clean.

We preach upbeat Self-Improvement…

With a boost of Self-Esteem!


We preach scripture you’ll approve of

In the Village Church, my friend.

We’ll avoid those “harder verses”,

But not fictions to pretend.


We’ve got faith you’ll be convinced, sir,

That you’ve really got it made.

Smoke 'n' Mirrors is the framework

You will need for this charade.


We can promise you’ll be happy

Here behind these alibis.

We can help you live your truth, son,

Any truth that you devise.


In these shrines, you’ll find success, sir!

Re-imagine your own God!

We can magnify your idols…

While we whitewash your façade.


* * *


We’ll assist your natural progress.

We will shelter you with Pride.

Here within Potemkin Village

We’ll declare you “bona fide!”

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