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Have You Read the News Today?....Oh, Boy.

“Every thing is to be recommended to the public by some sort of synonym which is really a pseudonym. It is a talent that goes with the time of electioneering and advertisement and newspaper headlines; but what ever else such a time may be, it certainly is not specially a time of truth.” - G.K. Chesterton


* * *


Jeremiah, the weeping prophet


Six hundred years before the time of Jesus, Jeremiah, “the weeping prophet”, surveyed the spiritual condition of his beloved nation of Judah. He saw an apostate people in spiritual rebellion chasing after false gods. He saw corruption. He saw a proud, self-absorbed, and adulterous nation-a culture in decay.

Jeremiah lived among a people that had “…not obeyed the LORD its God or responded to correction”. Jeremiah lived among a people where truth itself had “vanished from their lips” (Jeremiah 7: 28).

He saw babies being sacrificed in the Valley of Slaughter (Jeremiah 7:32).

Jeremiah mourned, he wept, and he warned of God’s impending judgment. And as history proved, judgment did indeed fall just as the prophet foresaw.


Have You Read the News Today?....Oh, Boy.


Jeremiah...Chapter Seven.

Does it sound familiar yet?

Has The Truth been deconstructed?

Do we yawn with no regret?


In the Valley of this Slaughter,

Will we turn to see the Light?

Or remain among the ruins

In the "comfort" of this blight?


Son, will Baal keep on applauding?

Will Queen Asherah approve?

Will we listen to correction?

Has God's blessing been removed?


Will we keep on making idols

Made of wood and stone and gold?

Will we disregard the warning

Of the Gospel we were told?


Will we wander in the desert?

Will we mock the Word we heard?

Are the lukewarm waters rising

In this cauldron being stirred?


* * *


Red truth, blue truth, green truth, new truth…

Let’s assess the damage done.

His truth, her truth on the broad way,

Meanwhile, true Truth’s on the run.


There’s a shadow in this valley…

Cast by Molech on the Left.

On the right?...My word, it’s Mammon!

And the smell, my friend, is death.


Here’s a shovel…Let’s keep digging!

Deeper, darker…Take your pick!

Same old grave mistake repeated…

Satan’s same ol’ magik trick.


* * *


"The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time most intellectually resisted fact."—Malcolm Muggeridge

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