Progress in Sensation Nation
Monday, March 25, 2019 at 10:05AM
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“Give them bread and circuses and they’ll never revolt.” –Juvenal


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“As a sensate phase progresses and becomes more pervasive and degenerate, both autocratic governments and democracies resort to bribing the masses in order to stay in power--bread and circuses in the Roman Empire, various forms of entitlements and welfare in the modern democratic welfare states. Subsidies for some of the more exotic elements of society through national endowments for the arts and humanities contribute to chaotic syncretism, which works against the moral consensus needed for democracy to function."

-- Harold O. J. Brown


* * *


Progress in Sensation Nation


Good and Evil?...Both subjective.

There’s no “Moral Law” that rules.

There’s no “Higher Purpose” really….

So, that’s what we teach in schools.


That’s Big Brother’s final lesson…

You might say his “Bottom Line”

Yes, indeed, life comes together

When you banish “The Divine”.


It’s a fact…it’s Settled Science!

There’s no question…None at all.

There’s no lofty “god” we’re missing.

So, of course, there was no “fall”.


We’ve attained this special knowledge…

Proudly now it’s on display.

Here in this Sensation Nation.

There’s no “potter”….only clay.


Now we navigate by "feelings"

Fingers held high in the wind.

“Truth”?...Well, that's too problematic

In this current Sensate Spin.


Circus Bread is what we’re kneading…

Endless moral compromise.

Caesar's serving Mother Mammon,

With progressive alibis.


* * *


We’re just dying to deny Him…

Down here Nihilism wins.

Scientism’s Secret Message:

(“Pssst,… there’s no such thing as sin.”)


* * *

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