We Preach Golden Half-Truth Patter
Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 9:16AM
Tom Graffagnino

“The apologetic strategy that would attract converts by the flattery of accommodating the gospel to the ‘wisdom’ of sinful man was condemned by Paul nineteen centuries ago, and that past hundred years have provided a fresh demonstration of its bankruptcy.

The world may call its compromises ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ (those are its names for all forms of thought that pander to its conceit); those who produce them will doubtless, by a natural piece of wishful thinking, call them ‘bold’ and ‘courageous,’ and perhaps ‘realistic’ and ‘wholesome,’ but the Bible condemns them as sterile aberrations. And the Church cannot hope to recover its power till it resolves to turn its back on them."
—JI Packer

We Preach Golden Half-Truth Patter

We preach truth of “What’s your pleasure?”
Solid-Rock Truth we abhor.
Truth reached via compromises…
That’s the truth we're striving for.

We preach truth with ‘open borders’,
Good News!...Everybody’s in!
Heaven? We just name and claim it
At this Feel-Fine Fair we’re in.

Smiley-Face truth’s now the fashion.
Law and Sin talk’s not for us.
Here there is no hell to speak of.
Here’s no bother, there’s no fuss..

We preach truth a child could swallow.
Fear not!...Let it slide right down.
Love that shallow Lukewarm Message.
Guaranteed….No frowns around!

We preach Golden Half-truth patter,
Happy, flashy is the word!
Dance with us around the campfire
With the The Golden Calf-Truth herd.

We preach truth that’s Self-Esteamy.
Flatter-truth for feeling fine.
We preach truth always appealing….
Truth without a bottom line.

We preach truths that send chills up us…
Truth with universal flair.
Truth that tickles every fancy
In this kingdom of the air.

We preach truth from Babel’s tower…
Nimrod, please,…come have your say.
Here’s your bow and here’s your arrow.
Preach those 50 Shades of Gray!

"The problem with America today is not America, it's the church. We have become very shallow as Christians. Very shallow. We have become masters at engineering feelings without much thought."
—Ravi Zacharias

Lord, we've stumbled in this quagmire
In progressive fits and starts.
Use the Sword and plunge it through us
True Truth, Lord, strait to the heart

Take us to the Living Water...
Guide us straight to Calvary.
Lord forgive us here in darkness.
Give us Grace at last to see.

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