Preach It, Preacher, Pretty Pleasing
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 7:42PM
Tom Graffagnino
George Whitefield

“The test of whether someone is teaching the cross rightly or wrongly is whether it is an offence to the natural man or not. If my preaching of this cross is not an offence to the natural man, I am misrepresenting it.”
—Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher.”
—George Whitefield

Preach It, Preacher, Pretty Pleasing

What we need’s more preachers pleasing…
And so, preacher, pretty please
Make us happy, happy, HAPPY!
Put us comfortably at ease.

Preach it upbeat…hands-a-swaying…
Gummy-bearish, ….(Please, no bite!)
Self-Esteemy, Ego-Boosting,
Smoke machines for our delight.

Tell some jokes to keep us laughing,
Hey, man…energize the crowd!
Fill the stage with rock and rollers…
Keep it “relevant” …and loud!

Keep the message to our liking,
Disregard those “oughts” and “shoulds”,
Stroke us, man, right into heaven!
Less offence…More Hollywood!

Please fulfill OUR "Make-a-Wish" list.
Concentrate on "Celebrate!"
If you tip-toe past that "sin”-thing,
We'll fulfill YOUR passing plate.

Yes, please keep it pretty pleasing,
(Pleasing’s what it’s all about!)
If you preach from Romans Three, sir,
Just leave 9 thru 20 out!

If you’re selling what we’re wanting,
We’ll be friends until the end!
We’ll make sure that you’re successful
In the Church of Just Pretend.

Lord, have mercy, please upon us…
Holy Spirit, help us see!
Give us Grace, dear God in Heaven,
To discern the devil’s seed.

Place us on our knees in sorrow,
Help us mourn what sin has cost…
Turn these eyes from dark to the Light, Lord…
And through tears to see the Cross.

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