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Idol Carrots on a Stick

The spiritual treadmill of Idol Progress continues to take it’s deadly, conscience-searing toll….

Author Joseph Pearce puts it well:

“….progress is the mother of problems…it is no longer a means to an end but has become an end in itself. Progress is a law unto itself, and to question progress is not only to question the good that progress is presumed to be but to question the god that progress has become. According to this dogmatic progressivism, any attack on progress is not only wrong but futile. Progress is unstoppable; it is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. It has all the attributes of the divine. It is inexorable, indestructible, and of course benign. It is not only an all-powerful god, but a good god.”
—Joseph Pearce

“The typical modern man…has no positive picture at all of what he is aiming at, but only a vague (and erroneous) sensation of progress.”
—GK Chesterton

Idol Carrots on a Stick

Here inside The Cult of Progress,
(New ‘n’ Novel is our game….
What we worship is “Advancement” …
Evil is: “What stays the same.”

Yes!... Move-On Progressivism!
Striving toward that Sheer Delight …
Driven by Self’s good intentions,
Vision clear…no end in sight.

Change is what we’re always after,
Idol Carrots on a stick.
Magick Progress tail a-chasing,
Wishful thinking does the trick.

Watch us steamroll past tradition,
We’re the Jugger-Noughts of New,
Dogmatists of More ‘n’ Better…
Idol Fancy’s what we do.

We’re the Church of Good Vibrations …
We amore Amorphous Gain,
Progress makes us squirm with pleasure
While it’s driving us insane.

Here we stand, Lord, in the darkness….
Pride pretending souls aren’t lost.
Give us Grace to look behind us…
Broken hearts to see the Cross.

G.K. Chesterton

“The modern mind is forced towards the future by a certain sense of fatigue, not unmixed with terror, with which it regards the past…The future is a refuge from the fierce competition of our forefathers…The future is a blank wall on which every man can write his own name as large as he likes; the past I find already covered with illegible scribbles, such as Plato, Isaiah, Shakespeare, Michael Angelo, Napoleon. I can make the future as narrow as myself; the past is obliged to be as broad and turbulent as humanity. And the upshot of this modern attitude is really this: that men…look forward with enthusiasm, because they are afraid to look back.”
—GK Chesterton

“As for our own society if it proceeds at its present rate of progress and improvement, no trace or memory of it will be left at all.”