Take This Clay, Lord… You’re the Potter
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 12:27AM
Tom Graffagnino
Isaiah 64: 8

Take This Clay, Lord… You’re the Potter

Take this clay, Lord…. You’re the Potter,
Mold us, shape us…make us whole…
Purify us through affliction1,
For your glory make us bold!

Lord, grant Grace in tribulation,
Teach us Patience, Prince of Peace.
May we find in You a refuge,
May our Faith in You increase2.

Lord, remind us of your Promise3,
Work in us your Righteousness…
Please refine this Hope within us,
Bring us through the fiery test.

Strip away each selfish motive,
Teach us what your love, Lord, cost4
Holy Spirit, give us vision!
Blind men gazing at the Cross.

Help us see the Lamb of Glory5,
Who removed death’s cursed sting…
Help us see him… Priest and Prophet,
And then help us see him King!

Bring us there to true repentance,
Give us eyes to see our sin.
Help us hear the Bridegroom knocking6,
And through him be born again.

May we see the Dawn of Glory,
Break into the eastern sky7.
May we see his Second Coming…
Word of Truth, Lord, magnify!

Take the Pride that dwells within us,
Place us, Lord, upon our knees…
Baptize us in Living Water,
Put to death sin’s dark disease8.

Help us thirst for Truth and Justice…
Lord, confront us at the well.
Find us, Father, where we’re hiding9,
Snatch us from the brink of Hell.

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