Law’s Not Something That We’re Into
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7:26PM
Tom Graffagnino

“The Law cuts into the core of evil, it reveals the seat of the malady, and informs us that the leprosy lies deep within.”
—Charles Spurgeon

“When the idea of moral law is held in disrespect, the notion of sin softens and then dissolves.”
—Douglas Groothuis

Law’s Not Something That We’re Into

Law’s not something that we’re into….
Those Commandments should be shunned.
Following your basic instincts
Is, of course, so much more fun!

Help us re-adjust The Standards…
Help us keep The Guidelines blurred.
Help us elevate emotion,
Help us keep the passions stirred.

Help us show how feelings matter…
And how matter’s made to feel ….
Help us feel how matter matters
And how matter’s all that’s real.

When we know that God’s illusion,
Then emotion may kick in…
Listen to the Feel-Good Gospel
Whispering… “There is no ‘Sin’!”

“Soul” and “spirit”?....Just delusion!
“Conscience”? It’s not really there.
“Moral Law”? …It’s now dissolving…
Vaporized into thin air.

Heavens! We all know we’re angels…
“Hell”?...We know it simply ain’t.
There’s no God and there’s no trespass!
We we’re all saints!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Holy Moses!... Saved at last!
By dissolving those Commandments,
Our grade jumps from “Fail” to “Pass”!

“The man who does not know the nature of the Law cannot know the nature of sin. And he who does not know the nature of sin cannot know the nature of the Savior”.
—John Bunyon

"The law of God is like a mirror..."

“The law of God is like a mirror. Now the purpose is to reveal to you that your face is dirty, but the purpose of a mirror is not to wash your face. When you look in a mirror and find that your face is dirty, you do not then reach to take the mirror off the wall and attempt to rub it on your face as a cleansing agent. The purpose of the mirror is to drive you to the water. Any other use of the mirror is plain folly. It is by the straight edge of the law of God, whether expressed by Moses or reaffirmed by our Lord Himself, that man may know how crooked he really is, and may turn from the folly of self effort to the reality of the life of faith in Christ”.
—Donald Grey Barnhouse

May The Law, Lord, be The Mirror,
Show us there what we’ve denied….
Help us see the beggar blinded1
Show us, Lord, Sin’s ugly Pride.

Lord, reveal the spirit leper2,
That is dwelling in the heart…
Shine the light of Truth into us,
Healing Grace then to impart.

Help us understand the Gospel…,
Take us to The Law3, we pray…
Take us to the Awe-full truth there,
…and then to The Cross today.

“The light which shines which shows the path of right, shines to show our deviations from it. And that conviction of sin, which it was the very purpose of all the previous revelation to produce, is a merciful gift; for, as the Apostle implies, it is the prerequisite to the faith which saves”.
—Alexander MacLaren

Christ Healing Leper, Rembrandt, 1655-58

1Mark 10:46-53

2Mark 1:40-42

3Galatians 3:21-25

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